it's okay Thursday #34

Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's okay ...

that I haven't done one of these for awhile but it's nice to have this as a trusted and true back up for Thursday's post.  Love it!

that today I am wearing my new birthday shopping spree heels to work for the first time and since I am a ballet flats kinda girl I feel like this ....

to find it kinda embarrassing that when I google little girl in heels like a million photos of Suri popped up.  She wears heels WAY more often than I do.  You go little girl!

to receive interoffice mail that has my maiden name on it and want to email people like yo hi remember me ... I got MARRIED in SEPTEMBER but then remind myself that I will never see said person again in my life after February 15th!!  

to get mad when Starbucks gives me Splenda instead of Sweet & Low ... hello not the same thing! {#firstworldproblems}

to get mad at myself for not sipping said Splenda tainted drink and figuring it out BEFORE I drove away from the drive thru!  {sigh again #firstworldproblems}

to just realize that I left my ipod in my car - dang it that's a long walk back out there to get it - score just checked my purse - got it!  Yep this is how the madness of my mind works - glad I could share.

that I wish I could hug each and everyone that follows my blog.  I love you guys!!  Thank you so much!!

What's okay with you today?


  1. I'm a Splenda kinda girl so if i was there i would just take your drink and then get you another one.
    Hugs back!

  2. Okay seriously that little girl in heals is so cute... Suri on the other hand might need a pair to tennies.

  3. I'm definitely a flats girl too but I'm loving your new heels! Rock them :)

  4. Ah Suri Cruise, the little girl that has a better, more expensive wardrobe that I ever will! x

  5. We were just talking about how we just love wearing flats. What happened to our heel loving days? Hugs back at you girl!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  6. I don't know how that little tyke does it. To be more fashionable than half the world by the age of five?! Come on now, that's just not fair.

  7. i'm not surprised you found suri when googling that. makes perfect sense lol


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