Monday, February 25, 2013

Kate Hudson in ad for Ann Taylor.
Emma Stone in an ad for Revlon.
Natalie Portman in an ad for Miss Dior.

We always see celebrities in advertisements and their seal of approval helps sell tons of merchandise and it keeps them relevant.  If you were famous ... the question is ... who would you endorse?  Would you stand for something?  Would you put a limit to the amount of airbrushing?  Would you pick fashion, beauty or fragrance?

I would love to stand for something but it would have to be something that I totally believe in not just because it sounds good to stand for it.  You know what I mean.  I would also think I would love to be in a Bareminerals ad because I just think that is the finally kick that company needs ... celebrity endorsement!  I love Bareminerals and I think everyone should wear it!  No joke ... I saw that our local boutique was hiring and I thought .... hmmm weekend job ... LOL.  Also, minimal airbrushing ... people compliment my skin all the time and that is what I would want to show in the ad ... that the product does what it says no smoke and mirrors ... it's the real deal.  Second, I think I would totally love a fragrance ad ... their just so sexy and/or glamours!  I love Miss Dior!  As for fashion, you know me ... I don't consider myself a fashionista so I can't quite wrap my mind around being the poster child for a particular company or brand ... maybe one day ... you know when I am famous and have a great stylist!

So what about you?


  1. I love Emma Stone in those Revlon commercials, she seems so personable and like we could be friends!


  2. I've noticed it a lot more and more. It used to be that no celebrities in the US ever endorsed anything. Maybe the economy has had something to do with it...


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  3. Bareminerals is a company i could stand behind too. I hope that people who are famous stand behind the product they endorse...though maybe thats wishful thinking? PS I have a Givaway going on, hope you’ll stop by! Knock your Socks Off Giveaway

  4. I think I'd have to kick Kate out of the Loft ad. I'm slightly obsessed with the store and it'd be a perfect fit because half of my closet has their label inside!
    And as much as I'm against airbrushing, I might have them do a bit to take away these pregnancy pounds that I have left (just kidding...kind of).


  5. Seriously, these celebrities need more money? ugh. Bring on the real people like us! ;-) I would love to endorse some kind of skincare or haircare...or makeup, or maybe some vitamins or some magic weight loss supplement that actually works. Or maybe something useful like groceries, so I could get free product for the duration of my contract. Oh, just put me in for anything. haha.


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