More Birthday Shopping

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So a fab friend gave me some birthday cizzash and here's what I got:

a) Old Navy Rockstar Polka Dot jeans - Thank you Rachel from lala Lists - she emailed me yesterday regarding those fab jeans from my last Friday Fancies and gave me a tip to look at Old Navy for some and tada ... I got these (wait for it ... ) on CLEARANCE for $12!!!!  YAY!  Paul was like I am confused as to why you are so happy about polka dot jeans so I let him in on the secret (1) they are totally fab (2) a must have staple and (3) at my new job I can wear more casual stuff hence JEANS!!!!!  YAY!  Finally I will get to create fab casual outfits because currently everything I rock is corporate world crap!  Go me go me go me!  Thank you again Rachel!!!!  Head over and check out her blog!

b) TJ Maxx find - Hester & Orchard - mine is a tad lighter than the one in the picture ... I hate when you can't google and find EXACTLY what you are looking for.  I need to start taking pics of my outfit.  I paired this with a peachy pink skirt and a rope belt and I got so many compliments on Monday.  I am loving that I am quickly becoming a fashionista.  Thank you all for your help and support.  I am seriously a work in progress!  

c) Another TJ Maxx find - are you thinking what I am thinking - stripes and polka dot jeans ;) Loving it!

So here's another fun fact about my new job - it's over by this TJ Maxx.  I did a post not to long ago about this TJ Maxx location and how it was a let down but I went in there on Saturday with my sister and I found tons of awesome stuff.  So the question is ... how do I not spend every lunch hour buying stuff???  Hmmmmm..  I'll have to work out some sort of plan before this becomes out of control. Maybe I should check my mail - more birthday cizzash?  Mom?

Have you added anything fab to your wardrobe?  I'd love to hear!


  1. I love old navy rockstar jeans!! They are awesome!! Great new goodies!!

  2. Im thankful my work is not near any shopping malls, marshalls or Tj maxx's. I would be more poor than I already am!

  3. $12 jeans is a major score!! Mendi has some polka dot jeans from The Loft and they are so cute! You are going to love wearing them!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. Wowza - $12 for polka dot jeans?! I have GOT to stop by Old Navy and snag a pair!



  5. I bought polka dot jeans at Old Navy on clearance too. Amazing! I had gotten a little mailer from TJ Maxx letting me know they were getting new shipments of stuff this week. I guess I should go check it out.
    Penniless Socialite


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