Does TJMaxx live up to the commercials?

Monday, August 29, 2011

So I have been putting off this post for awhile, not sure why, I guess I just knew before doing the research what I would share.  So, I went to TJMaxx.  When I first walked in my initial impression was…well it SEEMS to be clean as you can see from the photo above.

So I headed over to the purses first for two reasons, (i) they were right up front and (ii) hello shialovesherpurses!  My mission was to find something designer that I felt was a steal.  This is what I found:
A) Nicole Miller - The tag states $29.99 compared at $60.00 ~ aren't these sold at JCPenneys?  If so, I'm pretty sure you could get it there for $29.99.

B) Michael Kors - The tag states $179.99 compared at $348.  I think...the reason it is at TJMaxx is because it is ugly.  Also, this bag would have gone on clearance at Saks online and you could have bought it from them for the same price AND it wouldn't have gotten kicked around at TJMaxx.

C) Coach - The tag states $159.99 compared at $328.  I really love this bag...but something about giving TJMaxx $160 doesn't feel right.  I guess if I was going to splurg on a Coach bag that was marked down I would at least head over to the outlet...seems a little more official...right?

D) Michael Kors - The tag states $199.99 compared at $398.  Okay first, I don't do gold and second, I recently found similar or cuter MK purses from Saks online for $159.  

Am I being overly harsh?  I just really can't see spending that kind of money just because it is a designer bag from a store that has no problem letting stuff fall onto the floor and thousands of people touch and prod.  Also, I think if you want a designer bag you should invest in it or see if you can catch a deal.  I have tons of purses and I have bought them all on sale from department stores.
So clothing was next…I felt like how I always feel at if I was looking through someone’s unorganized closet which they haven’t gotten rid of anything since like 1980.  There were clothes on the floor.  Clothes looped over the top of the racks.  Makeup on shirts.  However, I did see some Cynthia Rowley tops and a Cynthia Rowley dress – but you know it was because the stuff never sold because it was not quite the right color or pattern and because it was hideous!
So next came the shoes…I didn’t really see any shoes I liked however I looked through to see if there were any great deals.  The majority of the shoes looked like they had been previously worn.  The soles were scuffed and dirty – shoes don’t get this dirty just from trying them on.  If there was a cute shoe it had some sort of defect...again...why should I give you $40 for a worn shoe or a defective one just because the good ones at the department store are $100!?!?

So on to Home Goods/Beauty…
E) I saw a damask chair which was priced for $89 compared at $180 which seemed like what it would be priced $89 or less where’s the mad savings?  

F) Bling Stapler - $9.99 compared at $18.00 - if you were in the market for a bling stapler maybe you would get this from TJMaxx but I don't think $18 is really the regular price.

G) Travel Mug - $5.99 compared at $12.99 - Finally a deal!!!  This travel ceramic mug with a rubber lid is def a Starbucks it would be $20 at least and I've seen them at World Market and Target for $12.99 and up.  If I already didn't have a million ... I probably would have bought one!

H) ELF makeup set - $4.99 compared at $8.00 - LIE!!!  It is $5 online and you don't have to worry about someone's nasty finger in your stuff!!!

I) Bed Head Shampoos and Conditoners - $14.99 compared at $32.00 - You can get this at Ulta for $9.99 during their sales.  Also, I've seen these at Target and Publix (grocery store) for between $15.99 and $28.

Other than that it was just a bunch of junk that was scratch, broken, etc.  They did have comforter sets for $99 but again…there’s no real savings there.  Also, they had tons of perfume but it was like Brittany Spears and Curve (which I didn't even know they still made).  So not only were the fragrances nothing to write home about they wanted $19.99.  Drugstore perfume for $20 is NOT a steal people!

So maybe some TJMaxx’s closer to NYC or LA get better stuff but in everyday USA – TJMaxx is crap!  Don’t waste your time or your money because chances are you are paying full price for something out of style and/or used and broken.

I know what you are thinking....Shia don't you like a deal?  Yes but I honestly don't think that TJMaxx is the best place for it.  I totally love Ross and I'll do a post soon about how you can actually find good deal there!  Stay tuned!


  1. Shia, I totally agree - it's hit or miss in TJ Maxx. I remember finding a good Le Creuset spatula and a swim suit once, but the regular prices sometimes seem off. Otherwise, it's all about luck and patience (even in NYC)!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. Great to know about these comparisons too bad consumers weren't smarter this is one up and coming company on the stock market they are doing great!

  3. this is an awesome and super thorough investigation - i'm so impressed. thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for doing the research for us. I always suspected those "compare to" prices were off. And who wants to hunt through all that dirty mess if you can get just as good of a deal if you catch a sale!

  5. Thanks you all for commenting!

    Chic &'s nice to know that there isn't a TJMaxx Meca in NYC...something about knowing that EVERYONE deals with this makes me feel somewhat

    Who would have ever thought...invest in TJMaxx...but then again buy low sell high...I guess the analysts see something more in TJMaxx then I do. Sadly it is probably because there are people buying these items thinking they are getting a deal =(

    I took all the pics with my camera phone as incognito as I could...I know they probably thought I was a spy for Marshalls or!

  6. Meh... Not a T.J. Maxx fan. Most designer stuff you can be found at the department stores if you keep a close eye on the mark downs.

    (Ross is kind of cool in my book, too).


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