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Thursday, August 11, 2011

So awhile back I did a blog post about a Clinique product (click here to see the original post).  So I tried the product and I'll have to say it burned every time I used it and really didn't seem to be doing anything so I started googling ingredients listed on the product and ended up finding this....

AMBI Fade Cream 2oz - $4.99 at Walgreens
or buy it at!

So I headed over to Walgreens and bought some.  This product works A LOT faster than Clinique Dark Spot Corrector!  The sunspot I originally was trying to get rid of has faded and I had a red little freckle on my cheek and now it is a light brown.  Plus, it smells awesome and doesn't burn when you put it on and it only took about a two days to notice the change.

Also, now I am super concerned about not getting more sunspots on my face so I have been wearing sunscreen...sounds simple enough why wasn't I doing it all along?  Last Sunday was a pool day and I wore baby sunscreen (Coppertone Water Babies) on my face and body and I didn't get burned or get any more nasty sun spots!  Also, the sunscreen I bought came with a bonus application stick which I used around my eyes.  I noticed that the baby sunscreen stayed on longer than other sunscreen I have tried so even if you don't have little ones to spray buy it anyway!

I bought this....

 and got this....


This sunscreen stick went on smooth and didn't leave thick greasy spots.  Also, it was easy to glide on and then rub around my entire face.  

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