The Fall Line Up

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So with back to school comes new seasons of shows...but if you are geering up for Mad Men...forget it.  It's not coming back this fall.  There is talks of early 2012...but doesn't that seem so far away!?!?  But Mad Men is in the news....apparently little Bobby Draper is moving on and there will be a new Draper kid in the bunch.  He has been reported stating to watch out for January Jones...."she is unapproachable."

Some other cast members have come to her defense stating that it is her just her character...maybe but maybe not.  Other stars report her as plain rude.  I just question why she continues to pick these types of cold roles....has she been type casted?  Is she really just cold?  For example, X-Men First Class and Unknown - she's just the same icy character.  (Granted in X-Men First Class I think her character is made of ice or something but still...does the shoe fit?)  So what do you think of Betty Draper?  Misunderstood housewife or just a snooty well you know?

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  1. I am undecided about Betty/JJ. I think on the show she is a very disturbed housewife, obviously struggling to blend what she imagined married life would be with the painful reality she has. Maybe her real life had similar situations and that help allow her to really get into that sort of role?


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