First Day of School

Monday, August 22, 2011

Today was my niece Marissa's first day of kindergarten!

My sister Nicole sent this to me this morning.  
Notice her cute damask bookbag.  Last year I bought her a black and white damask book bag...this year she picked out brown and purple but she still picked damask...she is indeed mini Shia!


  1. THIS IS TOOO CUTEEE! I swear when i have my first little one, like every other parent, I WILL take th famous first day of school picture lol.
    Hey i got to give it to you the little one is a fashionista in the making dont be suprised if she has a blog when she turns 10. lol (:

    Raven Courtney

  2. Thanks guys! She's so special to me. I would love if she blogged! It's funny because when she was born I cool will it be when she is a little girl and can talk to me and have her faves and dislikes and ask me questions like circle (that is what she calls me)...why is the sky blue? now that she is a million times better than I even imagined.


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