Do or Don't?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Guess what is back...the Crop Top!  
What do you or don't?
I personally see this and think REALLY
we needed to bring back the crop top?!?
What's next the hideous jean shorts overalls...
where you only fasten one side...because your just 
way too cool to fasten both sides.  Sigh!


  1. I'm not to fond of the crop top. and the overalls...I TOTALLY agree. people only fastening one side ughh that bugged me lol.

    So forgive me I'm new to this as you see im not sure if I comment on my post that you responded on if you would get the response or not. but just to be on the save side lol yesss it was extremely hott where i was. It was 100 degrees mannn talk about hott! thank goodness im home now lol

  2. Thanks for agreeing with me =) I just thought of another worse than a crop top...a guy wearing one...remember how juice heads would cut their t-shirt in half and lift weights....def a don't...i wonder if any still do LOL

  3. Ewww that was so nasty. Like if you want us to see your stomach just work out with NO SHIRT on. But im sure some guys still do. just wait if crop tops are making a comeback without a doubt men cutting their shirts will. History repeats itself

  4. Blarf! It's like a frame for a muffin top.

  5. I am CRACKING UP a frame for a muffin top. I need to bring this back...speaking of another bad trend, bra- tops???? I saw a girl at a downtown bar in a bra and blazer combo. REALLY?

  6. Bra & blazer...OMG! but at least it was at a bar (maybe she's dyslexic and saw bra instead of bar and thought that was the dress requirement) and not work!

    Also, I was asked...what is a juice more Jersey Shore is a guy that is OVERLY muscular and lifts weights...the juice part is like juicing i.e. taking steroids.

    Ravy if you see a guy in a crop top...SEND ME THE PIC!!! Because you're is inevitable.

    ♥ Shia

  7. Okay, I kinda like the crop top you have pictured - however, it would never work on me. Middle aged momma of 4.. (Hahahaha - picturing the look of terror on my kids faces if I tried to pull this look off.)In general, as long as it's tasteful and not too cropped then I think they're cute.

  8. Tasteful is key =) You should rock the crop top ~ what are parents for but to embarrass their kids?!?


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