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Monday, August 15, 2011

So after my daily trip to the library I stop in this Used Book Store to get a coffee.  Well today when I went in there was this girl at the counter and I thought to myself..."this chick totally looks like Jeena's (from the Real Housewives of Orange County) daughter (Kara Keough)."  But I kept way...why the heck would she be in Jacksonville.  So I get back to my it...and find out...SHE IS IN JACKSONVILLE!  It was totally her...she's dating some Jacksonville Jaguar!

So anyways, I totally suck when it comes to celebrity sightings.  When I was in NYC, I saw numerous celebrities, I mean I walked right by them on the street, and I never said ANYTHING!  I just think to myself...why the heck would they want to talk to anyone so I just leave them alone.  So maybe this chick would have been flattered that I knew who she was but I didn't want to risk her telling me to leave her alone or not being her and some stranger thinks I am a psycho!   

Have you ever seen anyone famous?  Did you talk to them?  How did you start the conversation?


  1. Actually, where I work I have had Kevin from BackStreet boys shop in my store only to find out he lived here on the Island. My last store ran into Tim Wakefield he was a baseball player. There are several more, I have no problem going up to them and talking to them, they sure do draw a crowd. The only person that I know of that was horrible was Don Johnson, he was eating in a restaurant, we went up to him to get an autograph, he turned his head and ignored us... never forget it in Miami while shooting Miami Vice Alexander Hotel!

  2. Awww! How awesome! I've never seen anyone famous! Even when i went to LA a few years ago, i didn't see anyone! :(

  3. I saw Fabio in LA but didn't say anything. Not my kinda guy anyways ;) YEARS ago, I saw Pres. Carter in Key West. My dad ran up to shake his hand and the secret service jumped out of every palm tree, trash can and conch shell around! After they figured out he wasn't a crazy he got the handshake.

  4. Wow I am not sure which one is cooler...Fabio or a Backstreet

    Melissa ~ what time of year did you go to LA? Rockfeller Center seemed to be a good spot for spoting celebs in NYC.

  5. It is kinda cool and surreal meeting celebrities (after all we see them on tv and they appear right in front of us!)

    I've seen random celebrities in NYC and CA but never stopped to say hi. I was on a place with some Thai movie stars though and felt compelled to take a picture!

    p.s. Love your nickname!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  6. I once saw a blogger and was too shy (me??) to say anything - I too didn't want to be mistaken and have someone be like what a psycho blogger. I did e-mail her, however and sure enough it was her! So who knows what would happen if it was an actual celeb!

  7. So when you saw them and didn't say anything did you have this battle in your head like say something...don't say something...act like you don't care...why should they care I care...or is it just me? I thought about it last night after all the wonderful comments and I'm pretty sure if I see her again I still wouldn't say anything...sigh

    Chic & Cheap - love your blog! I like to pride myself on being cheap and thinking I can do it in a chic way =)

    And yes Taller...I am SHOCKED that you of all people remained silent =)

  8. Ha! That's awesome. I suck at celebrity sightings too. I have never said hello, I just stand there in shock freaking out in my head "omgomgomg!!" I have to think celebrities deserve privacy (I have to think it's rare if not mythical) so in retrospect, I think it's better to just leave them alone or engage in polite conversation like you would with any other person you never met.

    Hope you have a wonderful day, Love.
    That Girl in Pearls

  9. Exactly! I just think...why should I bother them...they are just going to roll their eyes and think...REALLY!?!..AGAIN?!?


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