Weekend Madness

Friday, August 19, 2011

So I have a list that I made last Friday of stuff I would like to get done over the weekend.  Unfortunately, most of it didn't even get touched because the list is LONG!  Do you do this?  I constantly either have too much to do on weekends or nothing to do.  Where is the happy middle?  Perhaps I just need to tear my list in half.  Do half of it this weekend and half next weekend so then it will all get done instead of pushing it off.  

What's your trick to managing your "free time"?

I often think...thank goodness I don't have kids or I would NEVER get anything done!


  1. The same happened to us this weekend (alas no phone exchange until next weekend!) We are usually tired or want to catch up on shows or something during the weekend so it is easy to push errands aside to do something more fun/relaxing!

    Hope you had a great weekend dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. Fun first everything else later... I look at it this way, housework will always be there, opportunities to have fun or relax doing something memorable is key between a great weekend and a horrible one! LOL

  3. Great advice Claudia! Hopefully this weekend will be a lot more relaxing and fun. Chic n you ever find yourself watching an ENTIRE season of America's Next Top Model that you're already Sometimes that is how I spend my weekend so not always stressful...=)

    What marathon runs do you get hooked on?


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