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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So I rarely drink anymore.  It's even become a joke around the office that it is against my religion.  Which seems odd because if someone says they don't drink don't you automatically think...recovering alcoholic?  Well neither are in my case, I just feel like I have outgrown drinking.  It seems like something I did when I was in that appropriate time of my life which now seems extremely stupid.

So anyways, last Saturday I helped a friend move and she gave me a bottle of champagne that she was just going to toss out.  So Saturday night, Paul and I popped open the bubbly.  He immediately gasped and commented on how horrible it was and I too bad.  Needless to say, I drank the entire bottle minus a couple of sips from Paul. 

Sunday morning, I woke up and felt fine.  I was shocked.  I thought for sure I would be sick from drinking that much and not being used to it.  Hangovers are the worst and definitely time wasters!

So perhaps you haven't gave up the sauce and need some tips on how to cure a hangover or heck...even avoid one....

1) Eat before you drink!  Seems pretty simple right?  Well apparently digesting closes a valve in your small intestine which is where alcohol gets absorbed too quickly.  

2) Don't use Diet Coke as a mixer!  Apparently Diet drinks empties out your stomach faster and then you'll feel woozy faster!  OMG I just thought of all of those Crown & DCs I drank way back when....

3) Don't use energy drinks as a mixer!  The caffeine makes you feel less tipsy than you are and you'll end up consuming too much.  Besides no one should EVER drink redbull...that stuff is like battery acid!

4) Drink water!  Have a glass or two before you go to sleep.  Alcohol causes dehydration which causes the headaches, nausea and dizziness you feel from a hangover.  So replenish with water.

5) Don't set your alarm.  After drinking, you sleep in more of a light sleep mode so let your body wake up naturally since it's not getting fully rested. 

6) Eat a banana.  It will help you gain back some of the potassium and sodium you lost from drinking!

7) Drink peppermint tea with honey.  The peppermint helps ease your stomach and the honey helps break down the alcohol.

8) Don't force yourself to be sick.  It might sound like the best thing to do is to try to get the alcohol out of your system but forcing yourself to be sick only causes more problems ~ loss of electrolytes, dehydration, malnutrition  etc.  Drink the tea and rest!

I hope these tips come in handy for you and I just know now that my blog will put up ads for AA...and if you need it ... click on the links...LOL

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