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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Body Scrub
I used Greek yogurt since it's thicker.  I got the bath salts from Whole Foods - they have bins were you can purchase the amount you need in the fragrance you like best.  I picked lavender.  This is also why I went with Bath Salts over Epsom have to buy a HUGE box of Epsom Salt and sometimes it comes without a fragrance.  Luckily, Paul had made coffee the morning I made this...if you don't have brewed coffee grounds just let some sit in water a bit before you mix it with the bath salts.

It works great as an exfoliant and leaves your skin smooth and silky.  Plus the caffeine in the mix makes you feel a little tingly...if you don't like it try decaf the next time =)  Let me know if you try it and how you like it!  

It makes enough for about 3 showers...also...I have a detachable shower head which came in handy to wash this stuff off the walls and the floor of the keep that in gets a little messy and the coffee grounds are stubborn to go down the drain!

Hair Mask - Super Simple
So to use - apply evenly throughout hair (BEFORE SHAMPOOING) - let it sit for about 20 mins with a shower cap (I just use a grocery bag).  After 20 mins (or longer if you want) rinse it out and then shampoo normally.  After the shampoo you will see that your hair is super soft.  I went ahead and used conditioner just to get out tangles and to be on the "safe side" since I have naturally curly dry hair!  My hair was SUPER soft and shiny!  Let me know if you try it and if you like it!


  1. Cool! Thanks for posting these, Shia. :) Looking forward to taking a little "me time" and trying them out.


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