The Weirdest Calendar ....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I receive daily emails from AHALife with unique items.  
Today's item is this unraveling calendar (click here for more details).
First things first...TOO EXPENSIVE!  $98 are you kidding me?!?
Also, doesn't it seem kinda morbid to watch time (i.e. your life) unravel
each day.  I guess the same happens when you flip the calendar 
each month but I don't think it is as much of a visual image 
as actual fabric unraveling.  What are your thoughts? 
Also, I totally recommend signing up for the daily AHALife 
emails...even though chances are you will NEVER buy anything
some of the items they are selling are hilarious!


  1. haha $98? thats ridiculous

  2. I know insane! A lot of the emails I get are of unique items but they are all OVERPRICED but at least good to laugh at.

    Thanks for reading!


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