Pink Equal?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So I was in one of our coffee nooks here at work when I glance over and saw a pink packet and thought AWESOME we have Sweet N Low!  After another glance I noticed that it said Equal on the packet and thought...tricky bastards trying to get me to drink equal but then the back side stated it contained saccharin...which is what Sweet N Low is.  

So after some googling, I found that not only has equal decided to go pink they have gone yellow and green!! Equal is now making ALL artificial sweeteners!  I wonder how the prices will compare?  Have you seen any of the new equals at the grocery store?  How much were they?

And yes I know I should probably drink the green one (stevia) since it is "natural" but Sweet N Low is my addiction...I once gave it up for MONTHS...but sadly I am back to using it and find it sometimes amusing that I put it in my organic decaf black (or green) tea.  Which one do you drink?

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  1. We use Stevia,I get it online and love it.. I really like it. But do you know how much they give to rats before it actually causes anything those poor Rodents! We cant live long enough to injest that much so use what you like!


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