Does anyone use this?

Friday, August 5, 2011

You know me...I am big on products but this is something that I have never sought out to buy or used regularly if I somehow wound up with some.  

The couple of times I tried to "curl" my lashes they just seemed weird afterwards.  Should I care enough to curl my lashes?  Right now I do not.  Is there something spectacular that I am missing out on?  Or is it just a big lie that you can actually curl your lashes?  

So I just googled...curling your eyelashes...and found youtube videos where people are using spoons!  LOL  I can just imagine what Paul would think if he saw me using a spoon to curl my lashes.  I think my eyelashes look fine with just maybe since I have naturally curly hair..I have naturally curled lashes...LOL!

So what are your thoughts?  Do you curl your lashes?  Am I missing out?


  1. My eyelash curler is one tool I can't be without! I curl my lashes everyday. For me it really makes a difference. x

  2. Hi Nicole! I guess I am missing out. Any tips?


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