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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Currently blogging from Starbucks ... yeah I am cool!

So as you all might know, Friday was my last day at my old firm.  It was a little bitter sweet.  Don't get me wrong just knowing I never have to go there again gets me all warm and fuzzy inside but I will miss some peeps I work with.  I have vowed to them to not fall off the planet like most other escapees have.  

The weekend was spent with my niece Marissa.  We did some shopping and she talked me into buying her a fab new outfit and some pretty outrageous shoes ... 

Here is me texting a picture to her mom (my sis Nicole) ... I said they look too big.  She informed me that when she wore her new jeans from her new fab outfit that the pants would go inside the shoe therefore not being too big.  Okay so can I just say that she might only be 6 but she is definitely a fashionista!  {These shoes kinda remind me of the ones wrestlers wear on WWE or whatever the heck it is called now ... but she loved them }

Okay so I had another picture of her rocking her new outfit with said fab shoes but of course my phone wants to die as I try to email it to myself.  Okay not prepared ... my bad.  I'll post it soon!

So Sunday, I met back up with my sister to drop Marissa off and we had a nice lunch.  It's crazy how laid back I felt on Sunday.  Usually I spend Sunday dreading Monday - Friday so much so that I guilt trip myself on all the to do's I didn't get done and especially when I spend one day with family.  I was thinking ... really I used to get mad about wasting a down day with my nieces ... how pathetic is that?  I felt so zen Sunday night you would have thought I was on vacation.

So Monday ... well I didn't have a blog post ready ... my bad.  My current computer at my new job SUCKS ... seriously gmail is like um did you mean to open us in this old ass version of Internet Explorer? I'm getting a new computer soon so chrome download in my future ... YAY!

Yesterday was the most relaxed Monday since I've been in college.  No commute ... seriously MINUTES.   I used to drive bumper to bumper for an hour plus!  The job itself is like any new job.  I know the stuff but I have to learn how they like it done.  My new office is HUGE and as a window that looks OUTSIDE!  I emailed one of my friends this morning stating that I think the sunlight coming in the window was giving me a headache ... I feel like a vampire but you know the cool kinda that glitter in the sun!

So I am officially a day behind ... now going on two for blogging and commenting.  I will get used to my new set up and make better use of my lunch hour.  Hello Starbucks and free wifi.  I can't wait until I come in here one day and everyone knows my name.  I long for that again.  There is something about being "friends" with the Starbucks peeps that keeps you feeling like you are too cool.

So there you have it ... I had  a fab stress free weekend and now I am having a STRESS FREE week!

How about you ... what's making you too cool today?


  1. That's awesome Shia:)! Your new job sounds wonderful! Enjoy these stress-free moments!

  2. Glad to hear that your new job is going well. There is something to be said for being friends with the starbuck peeps. It's nice when they remember you and your order.


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