Sunday, October 3, 2010

So as you all can see from one of my last posts, Paul and I are shopping for my engagement ring. It's really not a big surprise I knew we would be getting engaged at Christmas this year but it's exciting that the moment is finally here. For two years I have been thinking about this moment where I would have to start making decisions as to the wedding, etc. and I guess I kept putting it off thinking...this is ridiculous I have PLENTY of time for all of that later.'s a little daunting now that I'm approaching the engagement. There's SOOOO much to do and the craziest part is...I don't even want a big wedding. Seriously, I'm thinking like 10 guests with their plus ones and that's it and if that many. Yet, there is still this massive planning to do. Oye Vay! Let me also point out that because the word wedding is involved the prices for stuff go up and up. For example, my engagement ring, I just want a three stone two sapphires and the diamond in the middle and I'm told that this is CUSTOM! Custom? Seriously? And since it is CUSTOM, it's double....grrrr! I'm a simple girl. Nothing about me is "custom". I like things plain yet I ask you is that custom? 

I realize that I think I'm starting to go through some of those things I read about in all of those bride magazines. I'm seriously having nightmares about my which one should I choose so maybe me helping to pick isn't the best Also, I (yes me Shia) am starting to doubt the whole yellow and black and white damask idea. Yes I just said that. Why? I really can't give you an actual sane answer to this...what I've come up with is...what if "this" looks better, what if "this" is easier, what if.... Yes folks, I'm starting to go bride crazy and that custom engagement ring isn't even on my finger yet.

Oh and you want to hear the craziest part? I thought at this point I would be freaking out more about the dress and my physical appearance...and? Nope. I feel like I have that pretty much under control. I've been making some pretty good progress and now Taller and I are stepping it up a notch tomorrow by running at lunch. So this is all good. No worries. Yet now, I am freaking out about everything else. 

First, all the books say to set a realistic budget. Hello what about wedding planning is realistic? As I've mentioned before just uttering the word engagement or wedding and the price doubles. So ... how I ask you can I budget realistically and also hello...realistically I want the budget to be like um I dunno....CHEAP! I mean don't get me wrong these 10 guests with their plus ones will get more than cheese and crackers...wait ... what if it's just fancier cheese and My point is yes I want a pretty wedding but I really don't want to spend like a million dollars on flowers, a million dollars on food, a million dollars on a dress, etc. I want it to be special but I don't feel like I gotta pay for special. There aint nothing special about flowers whether they be for you living room or for a wedding. Flowers are flowers people so I shouldn't have to pay more just because they are for my wedding. 

Okay I have to stop this post...I'm getting a So, just know that my blogs might have a new topic....fretting over my big!

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