Falling in Love with Fall

Sunday, October 3, 2010

So it finally seems like fall is right around the corner. As another year begins to wind down I would like to stop for a second and just enjoy the moment. Every year there seems to be highs and lows. The holidays wrap up and start the new year fresh. What's to stop us from just pausing for a moment and enjoying it now? 

When I think of fall, I think of cooler weather, cozy weekends and comfort foods. It's such a pleasant thought isn't it? I think Floridians really don't grasp the true essence of fall. Sure it's 80 out with a nice breeze and it doesn't feel like 150 when you go outside but I seriously miss those northern things that make you think of fall. The trees turning brilliant colors of yellow, orange and red. Apple cider being sold at the stores or on the road side. Man I miss the North!

So since we're in a cozy place think about what the last 9 months have brought. If you're someone (like me) who thinks in January what did I accomplish last year, start thinking about it now because hey if you don't think you've accomplished that much you still have three months to do it!

I think the whole new year vs. last year plagues me more because my birthday is in January. So not only is it a new year I'm also a whole year older. I think once you start ticking off those major boxes of your life years don't have to merit much more than happiness at the end. I think I had a quarter life crisis at 25. I remember just balling my eyes out all day. Thinking what have I done? Well now that I'm older I look back at that balling 25 year old and think...what were you crying were moving in the right direction it just takes time silly. 

So this fall, think about your life. Are you in a good place or a bad place? If you're all good...congrats to you. But if you are in a bad place, step out of it and think....what can I do to make this better. Even if you can't fix the ultimate problem fixing other things in your life can feel just as good. Start with the little fixes and once you get all of them out of the way you'll realize that your bigger problems aren't so hard to conquer too. 

Let's say you just went through a huge change in your life and you're at the crossroads again. Instead of being like that balling 25 year old I once was thinking about what you should have done by now...stop and think...I can do whatever I want...what do I want? We're the ones that put limits on our lives whether it be time limits, expectations that we think others have of our lives, or expectations we had about our lives...there are really no limits. So break free from those limits and do what makes you happy.

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