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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So is it me or is this world just full of douches?  I mean I feel like I'm confronted DAILY by tons of them.  Is this what society has come to?  I made this comment yesterday to Taller while we were running, how are we supposed to concentrate on saving the planet when most people aren't even civil to other people?  I mean think about it...think about all the douchey (yes it is a word...the act of being a douche) people that just do douchey things on a daily basis to piss you you think that these people care enough to not throw their beer can in the river?  No!  Cuz that is precisely the reason that they are a douche in the first place.  Look I can't say that I love people.  I truly truly hate most people BUT I am not a douche and the people that I hate well they are douches!  I don't just stop in the middle of the flow of pedestrian traffic or talk on my speaker phone all day with personal calls or merge into lanes without checking or cut in line at stores or stand right on top of the person checking out or park on the street blocking someone's driveway or smoke right outside the building's exit or okay you get my point there are a lot of douchey people in this world.  I am all for saving the planet but perhaps we need to start smaller....saving a you know a douche?  Perhaps help the planet by telling them to stop being a douche!  

Writer's note:  If I have offended you with the word douche...STOP BEING A DOUCHE and get over it!

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