Sunday, October 31, 2010

So as you all are fully aware...I subscribe to Self magazine and I write about A LOT of stuff from it. Well in the November 2010 issue it seems like Self was using my blog to get some of their ideas.

Look familiar? It should it was my Sept 18 post for a Christmas Gift Idea for my family.

Check here if you don't believe me...Shia said it FIRST!

Okay I know what you are thinking. So what white watches are in hence why Shia wants one and duh Christmas is coming up and they are giving out gift ideas...maybe it's just a coincidence.

How about this one....there is no denying that Shia did this first.....

Come on people you all know that I went on a closet organizing frenzy back in AUGUST!!! Hello...this closet is like seriously close to what happened in my very own closet. If you don't remember check it out here! All I have to say is....why the hell am I not writing for a magazine because even my OWN thoughts/actions wind up in the magazine anyway! I could have gotten PAID for something as simple as organizing my closet...OMG!!!!

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