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Monday, November 15, 2010

anytime I feel like I haven't written a lot of posts I feel the need to explain myself or apologize on here. I mean let's just face the gets in the way of blogging. Sometimes there's tons of time to blog and other times not so much. Last week I literally worked 12 plus hour days and no I'm not a nurse or a cop. I work in an office - yes boo hoo Shia but OMG if you only knew the hell those 12 plus hours a day were you could sympathize. So anywho, I haven't blogged about anything real in a while. I think I'm still sort of struggling over that whole instance I wrote about under "doormat." I've been trying to do some soul searching because apparently my ego has been damaged and I have tried to step back and look at the situation and it me? Am I just mean to people with drama? OR could it be that I really am just surrounded by self centered and bitchy people? I mean really, I offer up kind words to a friend and I receive back 1) I don't know because I'm not married and 2) wait until Paul cheats on you and then see how you feel, I'm supposed to just take that? I'm supposed to just roll over and constantly let people walk over me...okay see I told you I wasn't past this post and I didn't want to keep hashing it out on here. So needless to say, that is what I've been doing. The majority of it has been work but yes my writing mind is block by that instance I've already complained about so stay tuned there is hope...the blog will be back in full swing...without complaining about that instance.

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