Perfect Storm

Monday, November 29, 2010

So last week I was a mess. I seriously thought about posting it on my blog ... listing all the stuff going on and how I was feeling but I was seriously afraid that it would read like a suicide note. Literally folks, I cried like EVERYDAY (Shia doesn't cry...just ask Taller... I think I even freaked her out with hearing/seeing me cry...thanks for dealing with me Taller) and when I thought to myself..."am I depressed?" I cried even more. I seriously thought I was going to lose it - quit my job - get in my car and just drive away. Well happily I can say that I am better but while it was happening I felt like it was just getting worse and worse. At one point, I thought if I told my mom - her response would be - is it your period? My response then would be NO MOM! I'M DEPRESSED! So alas it was the perfect storm....too much work stress....too much family stress....too much football (and Paul watching football...OMG is the superbowl here yet?!?) ...full moon (yes people the other night I saw a full moon and cried because I was convinced that I am crazy...crazy people get worse during a full moon...right?) .... not enough working out (0ff track because of the crying and holiday) which curbs mood swings, reduces stress, etc......and HANNAH MONTANA TIME (click here to see blog post) seriously when it started I was 1) relieved that I wasn't crazy or depressed, 2) thought OMG why is my mom always right about that and I didn't even talk to, 3) WTF! This is the SECOND time this month, 4) where was the tell- tale zit to reassure me that I wasn't going crazy? OMG I don't think I will ever complain about a zit again....apparently they are and 5) is it over yet? It's actually amazing how much better I felt instantly. How do people that take birth control that makes you not have HM time not kill someone?

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