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Monday, November 15, 2010

Nobody wants to get sick especially me and this year I have even more reason to stay healthy.  My boss is currently undergoing some serious chemotherapy and I see him about every other day to swap files and stuff for him to work from home.  As you all know we seem to be amidst of cold and flu season, I can already hear tons of people coughing up a lung at work.  I need to work on staying cold and flu free to not inadvertently pass it on to my boss.  However, if I do come down with something I will definitely tell him and have someone germ free take and pick of the files.  But for now, I have been researching what I can do to stay germ free and this is what I have found. 

In the November issues of Shape and Self, each magazine stated that exercise and/or dieting helps the immune system.  Self says if you want to stay healthier this winter - cut calories.  People who are dieting by calorie counting and dropping pounds have stronger immune systems with better functioning T cells to fight viruses.  Shape magazine states that 3 hours of daily physical activity can help reduce your risk of getting a cold.  Also a plus any physical exercise counts - as long as your moving your racking up the time.  

Also, I thought why not do the "common knowledge" things to stay healthy.  1) hand santizier (check) 2) vitamin C (check) 3) Lysol (need to get) etc.  Well I just googled Vitamin C and was taken to Wikipedia which stated that intense studies have shown that Vitamin C doesn't really help with fighting a cold or preventing that sucks!  Also taking too much Vitamin C can lead to iron posioning because it can block your body from filtering it out of your system.   Needless to say the more I read the less impressed I became with the whole Vitamin C cure all.  

So I have also been thinking about getting a flu shot. First off I am not big on getting shots...I hate it.  One year I actually stood in line at UF waiting for my free flu shot and actually got it.  I tried to turn and run numerous times but didnt my mom was even surprised when I told her.  Well so I thought okay I've had a flu shot before....did it help?  I guess.  So I googled....I found out that the flu shot is dead viruses...okay so the shot itself doesnt make you sick.  And that it usually takes about 2 weeks to start working which is why most people say that they got sick after they got the shot...they were already exposed or the shot hadnt kicked in yet.  

So I guess my plan is to try to keep my desk germ free with hand sanitizer and Lysol and then I'm going to continue working out and eating right to stay healthy and make sure I get adequate sleep and ....womp womp...get the flu shot. I can be brave for my boss....he deserves it.


  1. that is very interesting about the shot not working for 2 weeks. i am seriously considering getting it this year.

  2. Ironic how I want to get the flu shot because YOU are sick and you are thinking about getting a flu TOO LATE!


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