Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Do I really need a countdown to my birthday on my Starbucks card? Do I need to log on to add $ to my card and see exactly how much longer until that inevitable day. Yes I am old and about to get older thank you Sbux for reminding me EVERYDAY. Yes folks here comes the new year and an older Shia. Scratch Sbux card is counting down to my ring. Paul and I are STILL looking for my ring. It's seriously the biggest pain in the ass ever. I think we FINALLY found it but of course there are like a million things to check to make sure. Anywho....Paul says that I will get it no later than January to which I added sure then in January will he say February. I think his feelings actually got hurt because he said....ouch why would you think that. Hello...have we met...I like to keep it real and would rather just know than to keep my hopes up for something that is never going to happen. He has reassured me that it will be on my finger in January!

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