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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So let me just preface this with what I am about to say might come off as "un" American to some but guess's NOT because it is my First Amendment right to say whatever I want - you know FREEDOM of speech - so technically by that definition this post is truly American! Yes folks I have voted and now I am up on my soap box -- hold on because this is a three part rant...

1) "un" American - how about calling out all the people that didn't vote. That's pretty "UN" AMERICAN! How can you say that you "support and love" your country when your sorry butt didn't go out and vote! Let me guess the million different ways of doing it weren't enough...PUH-LEASE! I voted last night at 6:45 pm! I made it happen after a long day at work and a LONG drive home with bumper to bumper traffic! I haven't missed an election since I turned 18 and could vote. Also, I was pretty disappointed that I turned 18 AFTER the presidential election and had to wait until I was in my 20s to vote for a presidential candidate. 

Also, why the heck do the non-voters not get called out. You NEVER see the media scolding the nation for low voter turnout. Instead they are like wow 30% voted this election. Really? That deserves a wow. How about saying what the hell is wrong with you America only 30% of you voted where the heck is the rest of the 70%? Seriously do you see how sad this is...not even half of the population voted. So when you get mad at the politicians for being corrupt and dirty just remember that 70% of America helped them get that way!

2) Okay so you voted but you aren't off the hook just yet. Did you do any research regarding anything you were voting on or did you just follow political parties, negative ads and paid political advertisements telling HOW TO VOTE? Because um...that's worse than not voting at all. Do you realize people that some of the STUPIDEST amendments were passed or rejected in our state because people didn't actually know what they were voting for. They just saw a sign that said Vote No on Amendment 4 so they did. Sad! Truly pathetic. There is this new invention called the internet try using it next time to educate yourself on the candidates/amendments/judges/etc before going to the polls. What? That's too much work? And you call yourself an American. I don't remember that part of the story about the Founding Fathers where they just said to hell with it because this is too damn hard and who cares the British are coming no matter what we do.

3) Military folks - I realize that there is a war going on overseas and many Americans are over there putting their lives on the line to fight it. I get that but here is my problem with putting these Americans on a pedestal just because the military is putting their lives in danger. Last time I checked, they signed up for the military on their own. There was no draft that made them go regardless if they wanted to or not. They CHOSE to join the military as their career and sadly it's BECAUSE of all the benefits that they get for joining and going to war that they probably joined. YES FOLKS...the military gets paid MONEY while they are deployment and quiet a sum might I add. But anywho, my gripe is that really all Americans that get up EVERY DAY and go to their job or JOBS and pay their bills need to be put up on a pedestal too. Because these Americans are the ones keeping our country going. They are helping our economy and the state of our nation. So next time when you want to give all the credit to the military remember we all deserve credit for doing what is right. It just sad that we always have to be a country divided. Divided by race, divided by wealth and now we are dividing ourselves as who is more American. 

Okay I am stepping down from my soap box now....feel free to comment and I will have any open mind when I read it - all I ask is for the same respect. Don't be a sheep and follow what others tell you as correct .... think for yourself!

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