White Girl Fro

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I have naturally curly hair which I have dubbed white girl fro. It's really a term of endearment to my curly hair. I have learned to except the fact that my hair is stubborn. I have spent hundreds of dollars on straighteners, chemical straightening, etc and the curly hair still lives! So luckily I now have a man in my life that loves me and my white girl fro. Actually, now it's kind of annoying because he always wants me to wear it curly. He says that he hates the flatness of straight hair and that it looks horrible on everyone so everyone should stop wearing it that way. Do you realize how happy I am when my hair is completely flat? OVERWHELMED WITH JOY. But a mere two secs out in the Florida humidity and all that hard work is ruined =( (This actually happened to me last week, I straightened my hair because he was sick and I knew he wouldn't notice to make the comment "why do you keep doing that to your hair" and I got to work and BAM...RUINED because of humidity. HUMIDITY IN DECEMBER! Get me out of the south!!!) But everything became clear as to why Paul doesn't like "flat" hair. We recently went to see his high school friend and he pulled out their yearbook. Let's just say that 80s hair doesn't even describe these Italian girls with their BIG hairdos. I seriously cracked up. NO WONDER! Sorry babe, I'm not wearing the 80s bangs!! Betsy you're totally do not understand fashion.

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