Car Woes...Finally Mellishia is on TOP!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So every car I have ever owned has perished in some big catastrophe that wasn't my fault and in the end I am the one that gets SCREWED! Finally, Mellishia has received some justice. I have a new VW Jetta and it was dinged in the parking lot by a work truck's door. There's a small dent and a few scratches. I was told by this construction company to go to a particular car repair shop and get an estimate and that they would cut me a check for the amount of damage. Well Saturday in the crappy rainy cold holiday traffic I drove over to Orange Park to get the estimate. Well like typical car shops the guy overestimated me (the girl) and said that it is 705.00 worth of damage. Once I received this estimate I was pretty positive that my chances of getting the check cut directly to me were over. I was sure they were going to say that it was too much and that they are going to have to submit it to their insurance. So with reluctance I email the woman I have been dealing with the estimate and she just emailed me back stating that the estimate was fine and that they are going to cut me the check. So $705 is mine! VW is going to fix it for FREE! YAY MELLISHIA WON!!!

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