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Sunday, December 20, 2009

So as we all know from my previous blogs I have decided to tighten the purse strings....yesterday I met up with a friend to exchange Christmas gifts and then do a little shopping. I am happy to report I spent $0.00!! I'm telling you this new found obsession with increasing the Jew Fund (my savings account nickname dubbed by Taller) has given me a whole new outlook on actually buying stuff. I now look at it like ...REALLY? Is this worth it? Okay here is an example of what I am talking about. I was at World Market and they had this little stationary section 40% off. I am a SUCKER for those little diary books, planners and such. Well there was this one little book that when you opened it it was a file folder system on one side and a little notepad on the other. I, of course, found this magical. Then I remembered...wait. I already have the CUTEST coupon book. I made it! So back down on the table it went! I will post some pics of it later today. Too lazy to dig for the camera right now. But trust me it is cute, it was made with some of that infamous scrap book paper I bought.

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