Why does everything cost MONEY?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

So I've spent like 4 hours going over my bank statements. Let me just say I didn't have dinner because I lost my appetite. Seriously, I thought that I have been doing well. I mean my savings account increased over the month so all is good right? WRONG! I WASTE SO MUCH MONEY!!!! Paul is of course like where does the money go? What do you do? I said...woah let's not go there. I don't need a lecture on how I need to spend less. So I've said this in the past (ahem Taller, I know what you are thinking...wait did you stop reading...too many words...if only I could make my blog shiny....) but I am totally serious now. I am going on a cleansing. My bank account is on a diet. But instead of losing "weight" I plan on packing on the pounds ... well dollars in the US... ha ha that was my British joke. I think I will go through serious withdrawals over the next few weeks but hopefully I will make it through alive. PRAY FOR ME TALLER!!


  1. LOLOLOLOL I am cracking SHOULD make your blog shiny, that would be HI-larious;) Also, I totally knew you were making a British joke before you said that! haha and don't you worry, Taller always prays for Shia- Hey Zeus cares

  2. I'm not sure how I should feel about you praying for me, but if it is Hey Zeus please make Mellishia nicer...I think he is not listening.


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