Money Madness Update

Monday, December 7, 2009

Okay so this weekend was the BIG test! Guess who passed? THIS GIRL! These are my weekend purchases....

$16.89 at Publix (Bread, Milk, Taco Fixings)
$3.15 at Blockbuster (Season 4 of Entourage)
$30.00 Gas for the week

So when setting up my budget Gas, Groceries and Bills are necessary as you can see...I only spent 3.15!!! That is a Mellishia World Record!!

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  1. I'm not gonna share how much Taller spent. Ok well

    50 for dog grooming (she looks like a tall rat now)
    30 donation to Humane Society in honor of my sister's dogs
    20 on a hand towel with a G on it
    9 something on 4oz canning jars

    I am so warped in the brain that I don't know if those are needs or least I never ate or DRANK out this weekend!


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