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Yesterday I received an Instyle : Look of the Day email which stated....
Sarah Jessica Parker WHAT SHE WORESarah Jessica Parker styled a wool Prabal Gurung sheath with cap-toe pumps for a Moscow I Don't Know How She Does Itpress event.

WHY WE LOVE ITFrom Russia with love! The fashion-forward star worked her curves in another bold design.
If you are shaped like a twig...YOU DON'T HAVE CURVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Okay I loved Sex and the City and loved her character Carrie but sometimes with her don't you just want to yell...ENOUGH already...I mean she gets dubbed SJP for Chr*st sakes!  I just think it's getting a little ridiculous.  What do you think?
P.S.  I do love the dress though =)

Beauty Crafts!

Body Scrub I used Greek yogurt since it's thicker.  I got the bath salts from Whole Foods - they have bins were you can purchase the amount you need in the fragrance you like best.  I picked lavender.  This is also why I went with Bath Salts over Epsom have to buy a HUGE box of Epsom Salt and sometimes it comes without a fragrance.  Luckily, Paul had made coffee the morning I made this...if you don't have brewed coffee grounds just let some sit in water a bit before you mix it with the bath salts.
It works great as an exfoliant and leaves your skin smooth and silky.  Plus the caffeine in the mix makes you feel a little tingly...if you don't like it try decaf the next time =)  Let me know if you try it and how you like it!  
It makes enough for about 3 showers...also...I have a detachable shower head which came in handy to wash this stuff off the walls and the floor of the keep that in gets a little messy and the coffee grounds are stubborn t…

Does TJMaxx live up to the commercials?

So I have been putting off this post for awhile, not sure why, I guess I just knew before doing the research what I would share.  So, I went to TJMaxx.  When I first walked in my initial impression was…well it SEEMS to be clean as you can see from the photo above.

So I headed over to the purses first for two reasons, (i) they were right up front and (ii) hello shialovesherpurses!  My mission was to find something designer that I felt was a steal.  This is what I found: A) Nicole Miller - The tag states $29.99 compared at $60.00 ~ aren't these sold at JCPenneys?  If so, I'm pretty sure you could get it there for $29.99.
B) Michael Kors - The tag states $179.99 compared at $348.  I think...the reason it is at TJMaxx is because it is ugly.  Also, this bag would have gone on clearance at Saks online and you could have bought it from them for the same price AND it wouldn't have gotten kicked around at TJMaxx.
C) Coach - The tag states $159.99 compared at $328.  I really love t…

Happy Friday!!

So what are your weekend plans?  I'm going to go see my sister Debra is her birthday on Tuesday so I am going to make her ... her fave cake...Funfetti (yeah the one with and surprise her.  Also, Sunday is Paul's birthday so I plan on making a great Sunday dinner and picking up this awesome chocolate cake from Whole Foods called Chocolate Seduction ... if you have not tried now to Whole Foods and get is SOOOO good.
This week has been crazy ... the neck pain and changes at work ... so I feel like my blog this week has suffered the consequences.  Next week will be awesome so stay tuned.
Also, I love to give shout outs to my new thanks to all of you that have followed me this week...I have 21 followers!!!  WOOHOO!!!
Have a great weekend ~ See you on Monday!!!

Do or Don't?

Guess what is back...the Crop Top!   What do you or don't? I personally see this and think REALLY we needed to bring back the crop top?!? What's next the hideous jean shorts overalls... where you only fasten one side...because your just  way too cool to fasten both sides.  Sigh!

The Fall Line Up

So with back to school comes new seasons of shows...but if you are geering up for Mad Men...forget it.  It's not coming back this fall.  There is talks of early 2012...but doesn't that seem so far away!?!?  But Mad Men is in the news....apparently little Bobby Draper is moving on and there will be a new Draper kid in the bunch.  He has been reported stating to watch out for January Jones...."she is unapproachable."

Some other cast members have come to her defense stating that it is her just her character...maybe but maybe not.  Other stars report her as plain rude.  I just question why she continues to pick these types of cold roles....has she been type casted?  Is she really just cold?  For example, X-Men First Class and Unknown - she's just the same icy character.  (Granted in X-Men First Class I think her character is made of ice or something but still...does the shoe fit?)  So what do you think of Betty Draper?  Misunderstood housewife or just a snooty well …

Pain in the Neck!

I literally have the worst pain in my neck! Sadly, I think it is from switching to my new fab damask tote and toting all my blog stuff around instead of using the book bag I switched to MONTHS ago because of this same problem.
So since I just want to crawl into bed and sleep away the pain... I have nothing to blog about and no comments to make about other blogs... Sorry...hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.

First Day of School

Today was my niece Marissa's first day of kindergarten!
My sister Nicole sent this to me this morning.   Notice her cute damask bookbag.  Last year I bought her a black and white damask book bag...this year she picked out brown and purple but she still picked damask...she is indeed mini Shia!

Super Cute & Cheap!

Ann Taylor Loft $3.88!! I just love when I find something practical for cheap. Have you found a great deal lately??

Weekend Madness

So I have a list that I made last Friday of stuff I would like to get done over the weekend.  Unfortunately, most of it didn't even get touched because the list is LONG!  Do you do this?  I constantly either have too much to do on weekends or nothing to do.  Where is the happy middle?  Perhaps I just need to tear my list in half.  Do half of it this weekend and half next weekend so then it will all get done instead of pushing it off.  
What's your trick to managing your "free time"?
I often think...thank goodness I don't have kids or I would NEVER get anything done!

The most clever traveling tip...

In case you are one of the few people in the world to not know I am going on vacation soon...I am!!  Paul and I have tons of stuff planned out and one of our activities is... hitting up some wineries.  Last time we went to a winery it was at Biltmore in NC (if you have never is a must see).  Anyways we always kick ourselves for not buying wine to bring home so this time...I am going to pack Marissa's floaties and use them to save guard our wine on the trip home!
Do you have a clever traveling/packing tip?

Pink Equal?

So I was in one of our coffee nooks here at work when I glance over and saw a pink packet and thought AWESOME we have Sweet N Low!  After another glance I noticed that it said Equal on the packet and thought...tricky bastards trying to get me to drink equal but then the back side stated it contained saccharin...which is what Sweet N Low is.  
So after some googling, I found that not only has equal decided to go pink they have gone yellow and green!! Equal is now making ALL artificial sweeteners!  I wonder how the prices will compare?  Have you seen any of the new equals at the grocery store?  How much were they?
And yes I know I should probably drink the green one (stevia) since it is "natural" but Sweet N Low is my addiction...I once gave it up for MONTHS...but sadly I am back to using it and find it sometimes amusing that I put it in my organic decaf black (or green) tea.  Which one do you drink?

The Weirdest Calendar ....

I receive daily emails from AHALife with unique items.   Today's item is this unraveling calendar (click here for more details). First things first...TOO EXPENSIVE!  $98 are you kidding me?!? Also, doesn't it seem kinda morbid to watch time (i.e. your life) unravel each day.  I guess the same happens when you flip the calendar  each month but I don't think it is as much of a visual image  as actual fabric unraveling.  What are your thoughts?  Also, I totally recommend signing up for the daily AHALife  emails...even though chances are you will NEVER buy anything some of the items they are selling are hilarious!

Follow Me...But Where?

Are you trying to follow me but the follower box is blank?  Hit refresh a couple of times and it will appear...NO CLUE what bloggers' problem is...I've tried 100 things to get it to stop doing that.  Have any of you had this problem?  How did you fix it?

"Celebrity" Sighting

So after my daily trip to the library I stop in this Used Book Store to get a coffee.  Well today when I went in there was this girl at the counter and I thought to myself..."this chick totally looks like Jeena's (from the Real Housewives of Orange County) daughter (Kara Keough)."  But I kept way...why the heck would she be in Jacksonville.  So I get back to my it...and find out...SHE IS IN JACKSONVILLE!  It was totally her...she's dating some Jacksonville Jaguar!

So anyways, I totally suck when it comes to celebrity sightings.  When I was in NYC, I saw numerous celebrities, I mean I walked right by them on the street, and I never said ANYTHING!  I just think to myself...why the heck would they want to talk to anyone so I just leave them alone.  So maybe this chick would have been flattered that I knew who she was but I didn't want to risk her telling me to leave her alone or not being her and some stranger thinks I am a psyc…

The Best Covergirl Ad Ever...

This photo of Drew Barrymore is gorgeous.   Every time I see this in a magazine I want to run out  and buy this blue eyeshadow but something tells me that  (a) I wouldn't quite look the same on me and  (b) pretty sure the old geezers at work wouldn't appreciate my hip retro look.

The Best Mineral Makeup

So I have been tormenting myself over this blog post for months.  I really wanted to give this product review with complete honesty but then I felt guilty for what I needed to say in order to be honest.  Then this morning I realized enough is enough so here it goes....
I saw a "Beauty Steals" article on Self magazine's website and it featured an ELF makeup kit.  When I went to the ELF website I found that they sell mineral makeup and their foundation is $5!  So I thought I would give it a try and put it up against Bareminerals which I currently wear (click here to see my last post about Bareminerals).  To be completely fair, I decided to have my sister (who wears BM too) and two friends (who have never worn BM) to try it.  The results were split.  Those who had never tried BMs loved it and my sister and I agreed!  So I kept on trying...determined that I would like it...I tried a different shade of foundation, several eyeshadows ($3 each), eye brightener ($3) and blu…

Does it Work?

So awhile back I did a blog post about a Clinique product (click here to see the original post).  So I tried the product and I'll have to say it burned every time I used it and really didn't seem to be doing anything so I started googling ingredients listed on the product and ended up finding this....

AMBI Fade Cream 2oz - $4.99 at Walgreens or buy it at!
So I headed over to Walgreens and bought some.  This product works A LOT faster than Clinique Dark Spot Corrector!  The sunspot I originally was trying to get rid of has faded and I had a red little freckle on my cheek and now it is a light brown.  Plus, it smells awesome and doesn't burn when you put it on and it only took about a two days to notice the change.
Also, now I am super concerned about not getting more sunspots on my face so I have been wearing sunscreen...sounds simple enough why wasn't I doing it all along?  Last Sunday was a pool day and I wore baby sunscreen (Coppertone Water…

Vacation Prep ~ The Peak and the Pit!

So I am gearing up for my vacation in September.  Paul and I are going to upstate NY and into Canada.  I have tons of things I want/need to get.
1) Passport - the pit - it has been so difficult to get a passport.  There aren't that many places around town and tomorrow I am taking a half day to wait in line in a completely different county in order to get this show on the road.
2) Tote - the peak - so I have been wanting a tote bag to carry on the plane and in the car (while we are traveling around Canada) so I can have my laptop and work on my blog and upload photos, etc.  I've looked into Vera Bradley but I just can't see myself paying that much for something kinda ugly.  So you all might remember when I bought matching bags for Marissa and I (click here to remember).  Well I found the matching tote on eBay....

Plus wait until you see my passport cover I am making!!  So now I only have to have/need ... cute fall outfit ideas, jacket and hiking/rough outdoor shoes.

Does anyone use this?

You know me...I am big on products but this is something that I have never sought out to buy or used regularly if I somehow wound up with some.  
The couple of times I tried to "curl" my lashes they just seemed weird afterwards.  Should I care enough to curl my lashes?  Right now I do not.  Is there something spectacular that I am missing out on?  Or is it just a big lie that you can actually curl your lashes?  
So I just googled...curling your eyelashes...and found youtube videos where people are using spoons!  LOL  I can just imagine what Paul would think if he saw me using a spoon to curl my lashes.  I think my eyelashes look fine with just maybe since I have naturally curly hair..I have naturally curled lashes...LOL!
So what are your thoughts?  Do you curl your lashes?  Am I missing out?

Am I "country"?

I absolutely love this white/cream/tan furniture with the yellow and black/blue accents.  This bedroom is described as "country bedroom" on this website.  Even though this style is called country...I love it!  I think I just have to free myself of what I think when I hear the word doesn't necessarily mean cracker...I mean this bedroom idea is from a UK website.  Last time I checked...they don't have crackers there.  (anyways they call them one Shia)
Also, I love cabinets that look like these....
Shaker Style
I really love white shaker kitchen cabinets however the white can make them look a little builder grade so when Paul and I build our house...we will have shaker but they will be a darker color.

Dear Followers and Readers,

I want to thank all the people that read my blog and follow it on a daily basis.  I really appreciate your support and I try to make every post something that you would enjoy.  I put real time and effort into every post.  I hate to just slap something up to just have a post for that particular day.  I constantly have tons of blogs in the works and nothing ever gets posted until I give it a 100% seal of approval.
I really try to make my blog random and about things that we would all find in any women's magazines and stop and read.  I don't try to amp up my numbers with celebrity news and that such.  I really just write from my heart and try to give the best possible knowledge I have about what I am writing about.  Recently, I have been charting what I write about or want to write about by category so I don't write about the same categories in a row and I have even made a schedule for each category.  
I know I only have 16 followers but each of you matter to me as if you we…

Light Weight

So I rarely drink anymore.  It's even become a joke around the office that it is against my religion.  Which seems odd because if someone says they don't drink don't you automatically think...recovering alcoholic?  Well neither are in my case, I just feel like I have outgrown drinking.  It seems like something I did when I was in that appropriate time of my life which now seems extremely stupid.
So anyways, last Saturday I helped a friend move and she gave me a bottle of champagne that she was just going to toss out.  So Saturday night, Paul and I popped open the bubbly.  He immediately gasped and commented on how horrible it was and I too bad.  Needless to say, I drank the entire bottle minus a couple of sips from Paul. 
Sunday morning, I woke up and felt fine.  I was shocked.  I thought for sure I would be sick from drinking that much and not being used to it.  Hangovers are the worst and definitely time wasters!
So perhaps you haven't gave up the…

One Shoulder?

I found this on missguided & Fashion (UK website).  It's probably about $70 after converting to $$ and adding shipping ... I love the color but I'm not too excited over the one shoulder.  However, this makes me think...maybe I CAN find a great blue wedding dress without it really being "a wedding dress".  Thoughts on the dress?