Shia's Healthy New Lifestyle Day 5

Friday, February 5, 2010

Misery loves company...

So my new healthy lifestyle needs to yield to more positive and happy thoughts. It seems like I am surrounded by ignorance, drama and misery at work. I really let it take a toll on me...hence the sleeping issues. I really try to be zen about it but you don't understand (ok Taller you do) I feel like I work with some of the most miserable and intolerable people on the planet. I've tried repeating to myself...I will not get mad ... I will not get mad...sometimes it works and sometimes I get sucked right in. Workplace misery definitely doesn't end when I leave work. When I come home I am in no mood to deal with pet issues, Paul issues, food issues, whatever. It's basically like once I get home ... I AM DONE! However, this week I've pedaled away on the exercise bike every night and left work at the door upon arrival. My mood at home these past 5 nights has really been nice. I had some major work drama a few days ago and I think Paul was pleasantly surprised to see me not dwelling on it when he got home, which helped in Paul and I talking about it. So anyways, if the Buddha can be zen so can I. Getting mad at these people doesn't do anything except 1) give them the power they are looking for and 2) make my life miserable. So I'm going to reboot this weekend. Focus on preparing for the week (plan Bs, Cs, etc.) and move into next week with ease. If the work drama flares up...I'm going to look for something funny online (OMG check out BBC America and watch scenes from Inbetweeners...HILARIOUS!) and not let work ruin my day. Will this be easy? No not at all. But for my mental health, I have to end the work drama for good.

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