Shia's Healthy New Lifestyle Day 14

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

So continuing our healthy soul chat...

According to what I found on google...researchers have found that emotions are a big part of your soul. For example, when we feel LOVE:

The stress responses in our bodies REVERSE in mere seconds! REVERSE!

The energy actually generated in our hearts (2.5 watts of power) goes from chaos to a harmonic pattern of waves.

The systems in our body functioning on their own start functioning together in a zen state of order and harmony.

So regardless if you have a special man or woman in your life, Valentine's Day can fill your heart as well. Love doesn't have to be Hallmark cookie cutter with flowers, chocolates and stuffed animals (OMG...I hate stuffed animals as gifts...what am I going to do with it...I am an adult [yes Taller I couldn't stop thinking about SNL!]) Back to my point, find love in numerous things. Love a piece of art, go see it or paint something like it. Love your pet, buy it some treats and spend some quality time...pets wanna feel loved too. Love your family, take a visit, call and catch up. Look at some old photos of great vacations and moments in your life. Watch Moulin Rouge...I absolutely love the love songs mixed together in that movie. Especially this song! So with my heart and soul I say, love you to my dear followers and readers.


  1. totally love the healthy soul discussion, you knew I would! my faith in Christ, my amazing friends, and my dear family have helped pull me through some pretty tough shiznit. even if family caused/causes some of the issues that give me unrest, it's maintaining those relationships that keeps me alive and keeps my sould "at ease".

    I loved the definition that says the soul is the "animating principle; the essential element or part of something." So true! I am glad you touched on this subject because it shows us that "being healthy" is more than just wise food choices and stuff.

    hope you feel better!


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