Shia's Healthy New Lifestyle Day 16

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sugar Sugar

So I've been watching this show, Ruby, on the Style channel. I am totally hooked. I wish Ruby all the luck in the world. She's been doing an amazing job and her show shows how in real life there are definitely ups and downs and bumps in the road and great moments of celebration. So, an episode I watched got me thinking about sugar. Sweet Tea is definitely a southern fave and Ruby's friend was doing it up Southern style with tons of sugar. I when is the last time I've had a drink with sugar in it. Practically forever! Sweet & Low is my pride and true. Which I'm currently trying to rely upon less and less. So if I've made a decision to not drink regular colas or sweet tea and stuck to it for so long what difference has it really made? Sure there aren't those wasted calories from drinking it, but has it affected my weight? I've had some ups and downs as it is. What's the "evil" if it's not sugar? Honestly, I am really not someone to eat a lot in one sitting. I don't eat or snack constantly all day and I really don't eat "bad" things that often. I just really have to be someone that counts calories and keeps the metabolism up because it seems overages and slow metabolism have a definite effect on me. I'm just now thinking .... if I could give up sugar what else could I absolutely give up and throw in an alternative. If you are someone who has switched from cola to diet know that first step doesn't go down easy. Diet drinks to newbies don't taste like the real thing. I really don't eat sweets because I'm a firm believer in the one time I give it I will crave it EVERYDAY. So I steer clear. Thank you, but I don't need like a million and one tips on how to cheat and eat low calorie, low sugar or low fat sweets. Because if it tastes like's cake and I'll want more. So this week I'm gonna focus on what I do eat and see if there is a healthier alternative. I really don't think there's going to be that big of a budge. Granted if I ate a hamburger, etc. I know just don't eat that, but I mean the day to day things you don't think someone grabbing cola over diet cola. So I'll keep you posted.

Side note = Why the heck can't restaurants carry more that diet coke or diet pepsi. Hello there is diet EVERYTHING. If I go somewhere and they have Diet Dr. Pepper it is like I have stepped into another dimension and I'm like WHERE AM I? I just feel like if everyone stopped drinking regular cola...maybe there would be more diet options. SAY NO TO THE SUGAR!!! Come to the light (of diet drinks) people!!

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  1. 2 things:

    1) YES they should so carry more than just one type of diet maybe diet ginger ale ;)

    2) "if it tastes like's cake" YES. I don't know who is satisfied witha 100 calorie pack but that person certainly isn't me. I'd rather stay away from it altogether.


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