Shia's Healthy New Lifestyle Day 26

Friday, February 26, 2010

Sometimes it's healthy to just say NOOOOO....

There is seriously nothing I dread more than Girl Scout cookies. Let's face it, they are getting a bit pricey and there just so darn tasty that you can eat an entire box without realizing it. So yes, it's that dreaded time of year where they are outside every store pushing those cookies. An attorney here had his wife and daughter go around with her sheet asking for us all to buy cookies. At that point, how do you say no? I mean I know how it feels to be a kid hustling people for money to pay for summer camp or band stuff. So I always cave plus what is she like 7 years old. I'm not that heartless people. Granted I have no problem pretending not to hear them outside of the grocery store but come in my office with your sheet...I'm gonna buy something.

So now I have two boxes of those dang cookies in my desk. I had totally planned on giving them away. Then I come back from lunch and a co-worker left a box for me on my desk with a note that stated..."Happy Chanukah!" (Yes Mom!) I have a co-worker totally convinced that I someone practicing the Jewish faith ... it's just funny, he's soooo gullible! So I attempted to get out of that box by stating...I dunno are they kosher?!? I look at the box and dang it if those little girl scouts aren't crafty. THEY ARE KOSHER!!! I am saddened to say that I did eat ... well most ... of that box. In my defense there really weren't THAT many in there.

Okay so I still have those two boxes I ordered in my desk drawer. Believe me ... I am not opening them! They will be finding a good home and I mean somewhere other than my tummy.

So if you want some Tagalogs (Chocolate covered peanut butter cookie) or Samoas (Coconut Covered Chocolate whatever) send me your address and I will MAIL THEM to you!

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