Shia's Healthy New Lifestyle Day 3 and 4

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 3 and 4 and no food log yet. Never fear this weekend I will figure out this crisis!

However, as for day three and four, things are going quiet well. I'm not going to lie and say that this week has been super organized and going off without a hitch. This week has been complete chaos. CHAOS I tell you! So with that said, I am happy to report that I have exercised every night this week and I have been making all around good food choices and I've even had to eat out due to the chaos.

Honestly, when I first started this week I thought it's all good, I got this and didn't do much in the ways of preparation. So because of that I feel like I wouldn't have had to worry about being healthy on top of everything else going on if I had a Plan B, C, D, etc. So this weekend there will be tons of preparation for next week. TONS!

So with being bum-bared with stress emotional eating could sneak in. Eating a whole bag of Doritos because your just at that brink of not caring. I have learned this week that had I eaten something I have deemed "bad" it would have just added to the problems whirling around in my brain. So when I did eat "bad" I portion controlled and made sure other meals were sensible and more nutritious. (which you will see when ever I get this dang food log worked out)

But being healthy isn't all about food and diet. It's also about adequate sleep. In a previous blog, I mentioned that I go to bed around 11 or 12 and I get up at 8. So it doesn't seem like I am not getting enough sleep, I mean that is 8 hours at least. Here is what I noticed with this crazy week. I wasn't sleeping soundly and I would dream about the problems going on or have dreams worrying about non-existing problems. So do I wake up refreshed? No. It's like I just laid there all night worrying. I really try to not take over the counter sleep aids because you can become addicted to them. (you need them to get to sleep) So last night on top of my major sinus headache I decided to drink some chamomile tea which pretty much has the same effect as a sleep aid. I feel like last night I slept better and more soundly. I didn't lay there tossing and turning to go to sleep (with thoughts of the day plaguing me) and I can't even remember what I dreamed about so that is a plus! So tea before bed is my saving grace for this chaotic week.

I feel like these past four days have been pretty boring posts. I apologize dear readers. Don't give up on me. Shia wit and knowledge will fight it's way back to the blog!


  1. you BETTER apologize!

    I kid, I kid.

    I also suggest Chamomile & Mint tea...yumm!! It really is helping me sleep better!

  2. Shut it you B! I kid I kid...or do I muah ha ha ha HA.

    I think it's actually like a peppermint, chamomile, something or other...its pretty good.


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