Shia's Healthy New Lifestyle Day 17

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mayo Clinic

According to Mayo Clinic on Healthy Weight by Donald D. Hensrud, M.D., genes may set the stage for being overweight, but YOU ultimately decide whether or not you are going to be overweight. It has more to do with calorie intake and physical activity. If you eat more calories then you burn you're going to gain weight. A family history of obesity can increase your chances of being overweight by 30%. However, it doesn't mean that you are destined to be fat, your genes can just make it more susceptible to weight gain. "No matter what your genes say, it is ultimately your choices in nutrition and activity that will determine your weight."

This seriously is like a revelation to me. I have been totally convinced that I have been destined to be overweight because of overweight relatives, now I know! Sure I can lose weight, I've done it but it sneaks back on. It's just totally up to me. I've, of course, always known that eating right and exercising is key but you know you always wonder. The whole "big boned" etc. excuses people use...FALSE! Just be healthy. BTW...I love this book, I might actually buy it (since it's from the library) because it's just straightforward information with no frills or excuses or tricks and what I LOATHE about diet books is tips on "cheating"!

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  1. this reminds me...I need to start running again!


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