Day 1 Shia's Healthy New Lifestyle

Monday, February 1, 2010

So I have my starting weight and today hasn't really started off on the right foot.

I ate breakfast so there's a positive. My lunch however was accidentally left at home sitting on the counter and then my boss came in right at lunch time so I wasn't able to leave. So lunch became a smoothie from Starbucks and a granola bar I had in my desk which is better than nothing and better than nasty fast food. So I plan on redeeming myself for dinner tonight. Chicken Breast cutlet and veggies (either a salad or some of the frozen stuff I have in the freezer or both)

The tip for today I guess is planning ahead can often backfire so have a plan B. Thank goodness I had that granola bar in my desk and the smoothie was really filling with all that protein. However, tomorrow is a new day and I will be better prepared.

Here's are my goal ranges for each day:

Fat/day 33-42
Protein/day 40-70
Carbs/day 100-225
Fiber/day 25-35
Calories/day 1300
Sodium/day 2300

I'm having technical difficulty posting my food log...never fear...I will figure it out.

Tomorrow's focus mid morning and afternoon snack...see you then =)

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