Shia's Healthy New Lifestyle Day 24

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Healthy Environment

I'm all for doing my part to help the environment. I recycle EVERYTHING that can be recycled, I use cloth bags for the grocery store, I drive a reasonably fuel efficient car and have taken many steps to decrease my carbon footprint. My absolute #1 thing that makes me mad about others here on this damaged planet needing our TLC is people that drive HUGE SUVs (just for show) with extreme hatred to those that drive Hummers. (What is worse than a Hummer? A Hummer Limo!!!!) So tonight after Inbetweeners, Paul and I were watching BBC America World News. We all know that GM has filed bankruptcy and with that they were going to sell off Hummer to another car company. Well it was announced last night that no other car company will be buying Hummer. SO NO MORE HUMMERS!!!! YAY! That is the best news I have heard in a while. Capitalist pigs 0 .... Earth 1! So if you drive a Hummer: 1) you suck and 2) don't plan on getting an updated version cuz there isn't one!

P.S. Thank you China for making all of this possible! Please please don't change your mind!

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