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It's Okay Thursday #27

It's that time of the week don't forget to link up with Amber & Neely!!
It's Okay ...
that this week I just haven't been "feeling it" - you know when you just get in a funk - blah!
to throw away a thank you card - okay thanks for the thank you card - but do I seriously need to keep it FOREVER?  I mean - I think a day tops - then recycle bin.  Am I wrong?
that I plan on giving all the adults in my life - DIY gifts - OMG I have like high hopes that I can get them all done!! (Oh there will be posts!)
that I am all about wearing tights to not shave my legs - so now if Florida would just be consistently cold enough to wear tights everyday I would greatly appreciate it.  I mean if my husband supports no shave season I think Florida should too ... right?
that I am so grateful for all my followers and readers - I don't think I have said this for awhile so I just want to say ... you guys are the best.  I really appreciate all your support - it truly means a lo…

Holiday Helper Headquarters #9

Here are some Cyber Monday deals I just saw on
CYBER MONDAY Beauty Bar - Enter code "BBCYBERMONDAY" at checkout to get $20 off purchases of $100 at Bobbi Brown - Get 5 samples of your choice and free shipping with any order at Colorescience - Get a free 6g mineral sunscreen with your purchase of $150 or more at Dr. Brandt - Get 50% off full-size eye creams at Hydroxatone - Get 30% off any purchase of $150 or more at with the code "cyber monday". Mally Beauty - Get 25% off all face products at; use code "25FACE". Philosophy - Get a deluxe tote bag gift set with your purchase of $75 or more at Enter code "delight". Stila - Shop the online version of Stila’s LA Warehouse Sale, with deals of up to 80% off at Have you gotten any fab Cyber Monday Deals?

Holiday Helper Headquarters #8

Black Friday is almost here! Here are some tips from All*You for Black Friday: Gather information. Follow your favorite retailers on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to their e-newsletters—loyal customers often get first dibs on sales and special promotions. Also comb through newspaper ads on Wednesdays, and check websites that leak in-store or online sale information, such as,, and  Make a list. Figure out which of your must-have products are most heavily discounted and in highest demand, then give those higher priority. Then map out your route, noting what time each store will open that day.Scope it out. Either visit the stores on Wednesday night or call and ask each store manager when the sale starts, how early you can get in line and where the products you’re looking for are likely to be located. (Black Friday sale items often are stocked in unusual places.)Time it right. Plan your shopping trip based on your priorit…

Holiday Helper Headquarters #7

Homemade Cranberry Sauce Think outside of the car and make your own fab cranberry sauce! It's super easy to make!  Also, it's a great dish to bring to a holiday dinner as a guest. I made this last year to take to my parents' house and no one touched the canned stuff!
Ingredients3 cups or 12oz package of Cranberries - believe me one bag is enough you will have extra!1/2 cup Sugar or Splenda 1 cup Water or Orange Juice - The OJ gives it a kick and is definitely a talking point at the table - hmmm I taste a hint of something what is it ... Now time to make the Cranberry Sauce: Stove-Top DirectionsIn a medium sauce pan, bring the water (or OJ) and sugar (or Splenda) to a boil. Stir frequently to dissolve the sugar.  Add the cranberries to the boiling water (or OJ).  Bring the water back to a boil. When the cranberries have burst, reduce the heat and let simmer for 10 minutes or until the desired consistency.While in the pan - use a potato masher or a hand mixer to make a smoot…


I am tired of Skeletor making the best dressed list!
This is NOT a good look! What do you think?

Holiday Helper Headquarters #6

Holiday Looks for Less Emma Stone wearing jewel-tone Burberry Design. Peplum and sequins = holiday fun!
So I don't know about you but sequins always make me think of holiday wear.  I love this outfit for the holidays because who says you have to go red and green.  Here are a few finds on creating this look for less this holiday season ...  A) Forever 21 - $29.80 B) H&M - Two Color Combinations - $29.95 C) Sears - Rhapsody Collection- $28.99  D) Forever 21 - Pink or Peach - $29.80 E) JCPenneys - Removable Peplum - $25 F) H&M Skirt - $24.95
I think I'll be rocking some sequins this holiday season ... What about you?

Friday Letters #2

Link Up!
Dear Friday, As always thanks for finally showing up!  
Dear JCrew, Please stop sending me these tantalizing emails ...  okay so I looked ... I mean I had to ... right?
Dear Sephora, Cinderella makeup collection ...  brilliant or ridiculous ... I can't decide. Dear Friday Afternoon, Can you please move it along so I can go home!  Dear Foggy/Drizzly Weather, Please stick around for the weekend - I have longed for a sleepy weekend.  I just imagine me and sweatpants and cocoa and naps .... sounds lovely ....ahhhhh!  Dear DVR, I can't wait to watch all my shows tonight - hubby works late so I got a date with the Housewives and Teen Moms .... YAY!!!  Dear Grocery Store, I am going to try to hit you up early so I can get all my Thanksgiving supplies without all the madness ... kinda cuts into my lazy weekend but the quicker I get it done the faster I can get in those sweatpants and on that NAP!!!  Dear Blog, You have tons of work to do this weekend.  Could you just get on that …

Holiday Helper Headquarters #5

We all want to get holiday deals and save money - but how?  Well head over to - Stores & Coupons Tab - there are 100s of stores listed with in-store coupons and online coupon codes.  
For example here is a deal from Ann Taylor Loft: $20 off $75 on Full-priced Orders
Use Ann Taylor LOFT Coupon skinny4
20% off $100 or 25% off $100 with Love Loft or Ann Taylor Card + Free Shipping on $125 [Exp. 11/15]
Use Ann Taylor LOFT Coupon Code LOFTCARES
What money saving sites do you recommend?

It's Okay Thursday #26

It's that time of the week don't forget to link up with Amber & Neely!!
It's Okay ...
that my Holiday Helper Headquarters post have received min comments - all good - tons of fab stuff on its way - had to get all the lame stuff out in the beginning.  Stay tuned for Black Friday help, DIY gift ideas, recipes and TONS more fabulous stuff.
that I ate WAY too much at lunch time!  
to check your DVR last night and getting p-oed because stuff didn't record then realizing you think it is Thursday night and not Wednesday night ... seriously it happened not once but twice last night!
to blog surf in an effort to stay awake to watch American Horror Story.  Is there a reason it has to come on at 10 PM?  
to not get your hopes up when the weather gets chilly - tights one day - sweating with tights on the next - pick a season Florida!!
to follow and comment on blogs that don't follow me - maybe they haven't figured out that they are totally missing out by not checking i…

Holiday Helper Headquarters #4

Making a list checking it twice ... get organized with LISTS!  You can reduce your holiday stress by making lists to ensure you don't forget anything or anyone.  
Types of Lists: Gifts - to buy/budget - click HERE and HERE for some templates to try. Things to Bake Recipes to Make Decorating Ideas Holiday Cards to Send Shelters to Help/Care packages to send Guests to Invite/What they will bring Parties to Attend/what to bring Blog Posts to Post this list could go on and on....
The trick is to keep your lists organized.  I suggest either getting a cute holiday notebook or download an app.  There are tons available in the app store.   Just figure out which way is easier for you to have constant access to the list.  
If you want to make a notebook - I suggest buying one that has pockets or creating your own with a pronged folder.  You could also go super chic and use a binder but don't forget the bigger it is - the more you have to tote around.  Compile all of your lists and make…

I won a giveaway!

I won a giveaway from Words We ♥! Thank you!! I love this homemade notebook and the bookmark! Also, I love that the writers of the blog put in their favorite quotes!
The contest was to enter your favorite quote ... my entry was ... Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind ~ Dr. Seuss
What's your favorite quote?

Holiday Helper Headquarters #3

Tis the season for DELUXE SIZES that offer yearly savings.  For example, this time of year Bareminerals rolls out it's deluxe size foundation on original foundation.  Basically it is twice the size of the normal foundation yet NOT double the price - $38.  It's $10 more for double the amount.  Last year I bought two and currently I am at about half way through the second one.  Before purchasing the deluxe sizes I would buy 3 to 4 regular foundations a year. $28 x 4 = $112.  $38 x 2 = $76!!!  That is a $36 savings!!  
You have to act fast to get them.  Currently they are available at Bareminerals online and stores and Ulta online (sorry haven't checked the stores).  Sephora will have them available online for now you can give them your email address and they will email you when they are available.  Last year, I purchased my two from Sephora online and received free shipping since my order was over $50 and they were delivered within a matter of days.
Also, Sephora has Tinted…

Holiday Helper Headquarters #2

Since we started off with a financial budget ~ now seems the perfect transition to food tracking.
It has been said that the average American gains 5 to 8 pounds over the holidays and the most popular New Year's Resolution is to lose weight.  The best defense is a good offense ... right?  So let's break that cycle this year and start tracking what we eat.  No one is saying that you can't have holiday dishes and you have to eat plain lettuce through out these next couple of months.  Just keep track to not get out of control.
In this day and age, there are so many free apps to keep track.  I found Calorie Counter by Everyday Health, Inc. in the Apple Apps Store for free and googled it and found that it's also available for Android phones.  
Click here for downloads available!
To get started you enter your weight, birthday and gender.  Then you choose your weight goal.  If you are just wanting to maintain over these next couple of months put your goal as your current weigh…

Holiday Helper Headquarters #1

Budget is not a bad word.  Budgets are realistic for everyone.  I used to be HORRIBLE with money.  I thought as long as I have it - I have to spend it.  Well that was all fine and good but one day I thought where does all my money go?  So I printed out those dreaded bank statements and prepared myself for the shocking truth.  Truth was - I wasted a lot of money.  I spent $100 at Target - what did I buy?  Hmmm can't remember so obviously it wasn't anything I needed.  The realization of how much money I was spending eating out and at Starbucks was like hello toilet - flush hard earned paycheck.  So I decided I needed a {gulp} budget.  I didn't start off thinking I was going to spend ZERO, I just came up with feasible amounts to spend with room to shrink.  
Monthly Income - Bills - Gas - Groceries = Leftover $$
So with that Leftover $$ - I decided that I would spend X on Starbucks, X on eating out and X on frivolous shopping.  How did I figure out X?  Well I looked at those …

Holiday Helper Headquarters

Every year I let many things pile up or go unnoticed until after the holidays then I spend all of January feeling guilty and promising to fix all of the messes by the end of the month.
So this year I thought I would make a conscious effort to a stop to all this madness in my life and start the new year off guilt free and why not share with you. 2013 will roll in with ease!
I'll be sharing with you tips on staying healthy, shopping ideas, budget advice (yep yep), time-savers and much much more.
Starting weekdays November 12 - December 21 tune in for 30 days of "Holiday Helper Headquarters".
Have any issues/things you want me to address?


Instyle Look of the Day CAMERON DIAZ
I love this dress ... the black and the nude look great together.   She is gorgeous!
Saturday night I watched Bad Teacher online and I absolutely love her in that movie.  She is beyond hilarious!  I can't really think of one movie of hers that I don't like ... hmmm ... checking IMBD ... ok I hate the Shrek movies ... but that doesn't count.  One of her other roles that I love is In her Shoes.  It is such a great sister movie.  It just shows how sisters can bang heads but really help each other grow and if ANYONE knows about banging heads with sister it is yours truly here - Love you Nicole and Debra.  If you haven't seen the movie ... WATCH IT and if you have watched the movie ... READ THE BOOK!  The book is even better!
Also, if I could ever meet her, the one pressing question I would have to ask is, Tommy Boy (named change to save me from legal issues) was wearing heels in that movie right?  He's totally not that tall.  Love y…

It's Okay Thursday #25

It's that time of the week don't forget to link up with Amber & Neely!!
It's okay...
to score Jaguar tickets to tonight's game from work but plan on rooting for the Colts!
to eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch.
to make decaf organic green tea from Whole Foods but put Sweet & Low in it.  Hey I'm getting better don't judge!
to leave work mad early to get ready to go to the game that work gave you the tickets ... I mean I gotta change!
to struggle to stay up until 10 pm to watch American Horror Story.  I just cant DVR it and wait ... GOTTA WATCH IT!!!  SOOOOO GOOD!!!  
to get in a rut - mental, physically  emotionally, whatever-ly and climb yourself out.  
to make work fun by creating fab outfits ... OMG I sooo need to show pics yesterday and today are looks worthy of what I wore posts!
to be nice but sometimes put your foot down.  I mean come on - some people TOTALLY take advantage!
to live in Florida and not understand why the heck our votes are …


No not the election!
I recall my J'Adore of Redken All Soft Shampoo & Conditioner! And many others where I gave this product mad props!
Unfortunately, Redken has changed the formula of this product.  Which now makes it obsolete   All the greatness about it is now GONE!  The new formula leaves my hair dry, tangled and brittle.  As you can see from my previous post, I used to stock up when it went on sale at Ulta.  
When I first noticed it, I thought perhaps it was just the one bottle I bought, like it was a mistake, mixed wrong.  I mean it usually had a peachy tint and the new bottle was white.  I got out of the shower dripping water everywhere as I dug under the sink for the rest of my stash and I looked at each one - white, white, white - AHHHHHHH!  Alas, it was true, Redken had let me down.  
So when I was packing for my trip (wedding & honeymoon) I found where I put some of the old formula in a travel size bottle.  Seriously, it was a mini miracle!  Could it be?  Fab R…

Dangy Long Legs

In the spirit of America's Next Top Model - I thought I would post this ad I saw in Marie Claire.  You know we always hear Tyra telling the girls to look tall in photos and for their legs to look long and to pose H to T (head to toe) so when I saw this ad I thought ... Dang!  That's a lot of LONG legs!
This photo is fierce!  What do you think?