It's Okay Thursday #27

Thursday, November 29, 2012

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It's Okay ...

that this week I just haven't been "feeling it" - you know when you just get in a funk - blah!

to throw away a thank you card - okay thanks for the thank you card - but do I seriously need to keep it FOREVER?  I mean - I think a day tops - then recycle bin.  Am I wrong?

that I plan on giving all the adults in my life - DIY gifts - OMG I have like high hopes that I can get them all done!! (Oh there will be posts!)

that I am all about wearing tights to not shave my legs - so now if Florida would just be consistently cold enough to wear tights everyday I would greatly appreciate it.  I mean if my husband supports no shave season I think Florida should too ... right?

that I am so grateful for all my followers and readers - I don't think I have said this for awhile so I just want to say ... you guys are the best.  I really appreciate all your support - it truly means a lot to me.  
that I think this is the cutest pic ever!
I love these lil munchkins!

that I am super excited for my niece Kaelyn (one in the middle) she is going to be in the Christmas parade this weekend!  Her first parade!!  She and my niece Marissa (one on the left) are taking dance and their dance team is going to be in the parade.  I'm so excited to cheer them on ... one day my niece Leah (littlest one on the right) will be up there too!  Marissa is a veteran - she's been in dance for awhile and when she was a baby she won some beauty padgents ... okay NOTHING like toddlers and tiaras ... no makeup or Honey Boo Boo-ness involved.  There were trophies and she won A BUNCH!  Oh let me also say that there dance team is nothing like that other crazy show.  

What's okay with you today?
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