It's Okay Thursday #26

Thursday, November 15, 2012

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It's Okay ...

that my Holiday Helper Headquarters post have received min comments - all good - tons of fab stuff on its way - had to get all the lame stuff out in the beginning.  Stay tuned for Black Friday help, DIY gift ideas, recipes and TONS more fabulous stuff.

that I ate WAY too much at lunch time!  

to check your DVR last night and getting p-oed because stuff didn't record then realizing you think it is Thursday night and not Wednesday night ... seriously it happened not once but twice last night!

to blog surf in an effort to stay awake to watch American Horror Story.  Is there a reason it has to come on at 10 PM?  

to not get your hopes up when the weather gets chilly - tights one day - sweating with tights on the next - pick a season Florida!!

to follow and comment on blogs that don't follow me - maybe they haven't figured out that they are totally missing out by not checking in on me.

to have like 10 blog posts in "draft" form - sometimes you just have to have some work-in-progress stuff going on behind the scenes.

So what's okay with you today?
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