Friday Letters #1

Friday, November 2, 2012

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Okay so I've seen several bloggers do this so today is my very first one....

Dear Friday,
Thank you for FINALLY arriving!  I haven't missed you this much since LAST Friday!

Dear Starbucks,

Thank you for brightening my afternoon with my my first "red" cup.  However, I have a little bone to pick - why no more free soy for registered card users?  I mean you give out like EVERY kind of cow milk for free??  

Dear Halloween Candy,
You are evil ... why won't you die?  GO AWAY!!!

Dear Neighbor,
Now that Halloween is over you can take down your ghetto Halloween decorations....
trash bags in trees do not yield ghost decorations ... especially when you don't cut the red pull tie out! (Okay you can't see from the cell phone pic but trust me they don't look good in person!!)

Dear Debra,
I know I am the best sister and Auntie in the entire world for suggesting you get headphones for Kaelyn's car DVD player.  Now she actually watches the cartoons/movies and you have peace and quiet while driving.  Who knew I was so smart ... oh yeah me!  {Waiting on pic on Kaelyn rocking the headphones}

Dear Weekend,
I really have no plans for you but at least there isn't that dread of unpacking my suitcase ... I FINALLY did that last Monday!

Dear Husband,
Please don't call me at work on your DAY OFF to ask me if I am busy.  Yes I am busy ... I am AT WORK!

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