It's Okay Thursday #25

Thursday, November 8, 2012

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It's okay...

to score Jaguar tickets to tonight's game from work but plan on rooting for the Colts!

to eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch.

to make decaf organic green tea from Whole Foods but put Sweet & Low in it.  Hey I'm getting better don't judge!

to leave work mad early to get ready to go to the game that work gave you the tickets ... I mean I gotta change!

to struggle to stay up until 10 pm to watch American Horror Story.  I just cant DVR it and wait ... GOTTA WATCH IT!!!  SOOOOO GOOD!!!  

to get in a rut - mental, physically  emotionally, whatever-ly and climb yourself out.  

to make work fun by creating fab outfits ... OMG I sooo need to show pics yesterday and today are looks worthy of what I wore posts!

to be nice but sometimes put your foot down.  I mean come on - some people TOTALLY take advantage!

to live in Florida and not understand why the heck our votes are STILL not in!  Newsflash - election = O V E R!

to be super excited about leaving early - wait I already said that - see I am THAT excited!

So what's okay with you today?
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