Holiday Helper Headquarters #4

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Making a list checking it twice ... get organized with LISTS!  You can reduce your holiday stress by making lists to ensure you don't forget anything or anyone.  

Types of Lists:
Gifts - to buy/budget - click HERE and HERE for some templates to try.
Things to Bake
Recipes to Make
Decorating Ideas
Holiday Cards to Send
Shelters to Help/Care packages to send
Guests to Invite/What they will bring
Parties to Attend/what to bring
Blog Posts to Post
this list could go on and on....

The trick is to keep your lists organized.  I suggest either getting a cute holiday notebook or download an app.  There are tons available in the app store.   Just figure out which way is easier for you to have constant access to the list.  

If you want to make a notebook - I suggest buying one that has pockets or creating your own with a pronged folder.  You could also go super chic and use a binder but don't forget the bigger it is - the more you have to tote around.  Compile all of your lists and make categories - color code with post its or tabs. In the pockets you can keep receipts, coupons, invitations, shop ads, recipe cards, etc.  The best thing about the notebook is you can file it away for next year.  Use it as a guide or repeat the process.

The notebook can look cute and be super organized but toting it around can end up being a pain.  If you want to use an app - I suggest Awesome Notes and you can separate your lists with File Folder Colors.  You can download a free version from Apple.  
What kind of app do you use?
Do you like to keep handwritten lists or do you prefer electronics?

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