It's Okay Thursday #24

Thursday, November 1, 2012

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It's okay ...

~ that I hate listening to one of my loud coworkers on her PERSONAL calls that I plug into my ipod on shuffle and nothing but 80s Madonna shuffles along.  What can I say ... there are a LOT of Madonna songs on this thing!

~ that I think these are the cutest trick-or-treaters EVER!
~ that I seriously am having a hard time crawling out of bed when it is 55 outside.  I know - I am telling myself the same thing - 55!  Try -5!  Seriously though ... will I be able to adjust if Paul and I move out of Florida?  Also, since we live in Florida this time of year is when the electric bill goes down because you don't have to use the A/C.  So it's like a game at our house - how long can Shia go before caving and turning on the heat.  Last year I had to draw the line at 65 inside.  Since when we do run the AC we keep it at 75, I say 65 is a good cold weather temp with sweaters pants etc.   What do you keep your thermostat on and believe me I know I am a totally baby!  But hey it's OKAY!

~ that Paul and I went out to dinner last night to avoid trick-or-treaters.  I know ... we are THOSE people!  In all fairness, our neighborhood is hit or miss on trick-or-treaters.  If we buy candy, no one comes.  If we don't have candy ... a million teenagers show up in no costumes.  What happened to the porch light being the signal??  Anywho, Paul and I had a great dinner.  We actually rarely go out to eat so it was nice to have an evening out and yes I KNOW I just came back from a month long honeymoon where we ate out everyday - but you know what I mean - it's out of the norm of our day to day life. 

~ that last night when I met Paul at the restaurant I said to the hostess - my HUSBAND is already here - HUSBAND!  

~ that I am soooo happy that Halloween is over.  I am so tired of all the candy EVERYWHERE!  Okay I admit, I had like 3 pieces today already but how long can this seriously go on?  I have a horrible sweet tooth.  I'm good if I don't have any ... I can go months without but the second I have some ... floodgates are open.  Sugar fest!!  

to all of you in the Northeast ... I hope you're safe and I hope you get power back soon!!

What's okay with you today?

I just noticed that I put my turtleneck on backwards ...LOL  Definitely an "it's okay Thursday" moment!


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