Just Another Manic Monday ...

Monday, November 5, 2012

So my Monday is starting off crazy ... 

I left 5 mins late which then turns into 15 mins late because of traffic.

My parking spot was taken in the garage.  

I forgot my phone at home.

I forgot my ipod touch in my car ... okay going to get it ... hello no windows bashed in for me!

Annoying co-workers just seem EXTRA ANNOYING on Mondays ... am I right?

No Starbucks because of the whole leaving late ... tried to drink firm coffee ... OMG DISGUSTING!!!  I just had to chew two pieces of gum to get rid of that foulness!

I just noticed that I am missing the little plastic part of my heel on my shoe.  GRRRR!  I hate when you finally get shoes "broken in" and then you have to buy new ones because they start falling apart or smell horribly bad ... come on admit it ... they do!

Silver Linings....

BIG bag of candy in the firm kitchen and I walked away ... yes AWAY with NONE!  I am so proud.

When I go back to the parking garage to get my ipod ... I am stopping to get a Diet Dr. Pepper - next best thing in life to Starbucks.

Technically I got to sleep in an hour later ... right?  Since the time changed and all ... okay honestly when my alarm went off there was a moment when I thought ... wouldn't it be nice to know that the clock hadn't changed by itself (seriously how does an alarm clock know??) and I could sleep for another hour.  I guess the tell-tale sign was that it was sunny out ... nope ... time to get up!

At least my backup parking spot ... yes I have a go to backup for parking ... was open!

At least Monday morning is over and I don't have to do this again until next Monday!!
How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fab?  
Anything crazy happening on your Monday morning?


  1. My car didn't start this morning so I had to call my co worker for a ride which made us late & even later because we knew we couldn't survive without Starbucks. Office coffee is never ever good. I really really hate running late! I feel so lost for the 1st couple of hours! But on the bright side so happy I can count on people when my car craps out & the day is almost over :)

  2. Sorry to hear about your car - car troubles are the worst especially on a Monday! At least it died in your driveway and not out on the road! I'm loving that you stopped for Starbucks - I mean in your case - you definitely needed it! Car troubles can be hard and you need a holiday red cup to cheer you up! I'm currently counting down the minutes for my escape! Happy Monday - thanks for commenting!


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