Friday Letters #2

Friday, November 16, 2012

Dear Friday, As always thanks for finally showing up!  

Dear JCrew, Please stop sending me these tantalizing emails ... 
okay so I looked ... I mean I had to ... right?

Dear Sephora, Cinderella makeup collection ... 
brilliant or ridiculous ... I can't decide.
Dear Friday Afternoon, Can you please move it along so I can go home!  Dear Foggy/Drizzly Weather, Please stick around for the weekend - I have longed for a sleepy weekend.  I just imagine me and sweatpants and cocoa and naps .... sounds lovely ....ahhhhh!  Dear DVR, I can't wait to watch all my shows tonight - hubby works late so I got a date with the Housewives and Teen Moms .... YAY!!!  Dear Grocery Store, I am going to try to hit you up early so I can get all my Thanksgiving supplies without all the madness ... kinda cuts into my lazy weekend but the quicker I get it done the faster I can get in those sweatpants and on that NAP!!!  Dear Blog, You have tons of work to do this weekend.  Could you just get on that and give me some write ups and drafts by Sunday evening?  Hello??

Have a Happy Friday and Have a Great Weekend!

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