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Shellac Update

So recently I posted about my first Shellac manicure (which was French) and have now tried color THREE times...I thought I would give an update.

When I had the first manicure removed...I had to soak my fingers in acetone for like 15 mins.  After that my nails looked HORRIBLE.  To me this was a huge problem, for the sake of my blog I decided to try a color once and then I was done.  I don't like acrylic nails because they destroy your nail bed...I'm not destroying them over nail polish.  So between the soaking and the UV light I was already on the fence.

Then within 3 days the color shellac nail polish started to just peel off.  I had to go back in and have them redone....more soaking...more UV light.

Also, the color I picked was light and neutral and the main thing I didn't like about it is that you could see my nail through the nail polish.

Then last weekend, I thought why not try a darker color one last time...I mean my nail bed is already I went to a nail salon close to home (the other place was near where I work).

So instead of soaking in acetone for like 15 mins, they had a different technique....

They soak a small piece of cotton ball with acetone
stick it on your nail and then wrap it up in aluminum foil.
Plus I only sat like this for about 2 mins!

My nails were fine afterwards...actually smooth!

Also, this salon had better UV lights.  I only had to have my hand
under it for 30 secs plus they do your fingers and thumb separate
so it minimizing the amount of UV light on your hand.
The other salon I was sitting whole hand under the UV light 
for 5 minute periods of time.  Totally not good for you!!

So am I completely won over by Shellac now?  Yes and no.

It might be hard to see in this small pic 
{so click on the pic to make it bigger}
but you can still see through the color and see 
my actual nail....I think a color is a waste.  The nail
tech told me...the darker the color the harder it is to dry 
and some dark colors NEVER dry I think if I get this again it will be French.  

What about you ... have you tried this and have 
had the same problems (or different problems)?


  1. The color is really pretty but I have no experience with shellac...

  2. Ha! I was so about to recommend that method with the foil. Good thing I scrolled down! Enter my StyleMint Giveaway for 5 shirts!

  3. That UV light combined with the acetone freak me out! Have you tried Nutra Nail Gel? They say it lasts and you don't have to use the light. I havent tried it but it looks interesting.

  4. wow, i've never heard such an honest review about it before. very insightful. :)

  5. Sorry to hear about your experience... I like doing gel because it lasts longer but I feel you on the uv lamp kinda scary!


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