Shellac Attack!

Monday, November 14, 2011

So recently I tried the new rage in nail polish...shellac! {a gel nail polish set with a UV light}  Instead of posting a beautiful pic of how they looked on Day 1, I thought I would wait and post a pic of how they looked when they finally started to get nasty.  Well today is Day 17 since I've had them done and here's the pic.....

So as you can see at Day 17 I'm having the usual issues that you get with a French manicure at Day 5 {if you make it that long}.

Here's what I like about shellac...
~there's no waiting for them to the time you're're done.  
~you don't have to be super careful not to chip them {especially the white part}...I used my nails like regular...opened soda cans, etc and nothing came off.
~IT LASTS!!! didn't cost anymore than when I got the black, white and yellow design on my nails....$30!

Here's what I didn't like....
~the UV light/dryer....I really felt like I was getting a sunburn and I kept thinking....this can't be good for my hands.
~the top coat stung!  It did go away after a minute or two but it really did sting....then I this really good for you??  Prob not.....
~it takes awhile to get done.  I normally only get a manicure which takes about 15 to 20 mins.  This took longer than my friend who was getting a fill-in on her acrylic nails.

I think next time I might try a color to see how long a full color nail will last and I think I am going to put sunscreen on my hands...sounds crazy I know but fair skin here was really getting sunburned.

Have you tried shellac?  What are your thoughts?


  1. never heard of shellac but I like natural nails on me!! I spent so much money as a teen with acrylic and did soo much damage on my nails... I am looking for a good manicurist in my area!!! I hate doing my nails =/

  2. You know I've seen a lot of reviews raving about shellac but the idea of being under the UV light never sat completely positively with me - so thanks for posting an honest review! I think if I was going to give it a go I'd definitely need some sunblock!

    Sorcha x
    Bonfire Brunette

  3. Im with Sorcha, no UV lights for me, I used to get manicures then with all the chemicals, I decided it cant be good for you! I am natural now, but not loving it! Have a great Thanksgiving! Give the old guy our love too lol!

  4. I never heard of this before! I don't think I'd try it, it sounds a little iffy!

  5. thank you for the tip love!
    i cant believe your mani
    lasted 17 days!

    i want that ASAP!


  6. Hi Shia,
    I had it done in the summer with just a neutral colour, and it lasted less than a week for me - I'm a picker...anything that is slightly lifted or uneven and I will start picking. It's terrible. So, I loved the look of them on day 1, but got frustrated that it didn't last long (my fault) . Also, you need to soak your shellac off with acetone much like acrylic nails...that was a turn off to me.


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